10 years of rapes?

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10 years of rapes?

The Winnipeg Sun article, 10 years of rapes? quotes "Hans Warner, an assistant professor of history at the University of Winnipeg and an expert in Mennonite history" as saying "people are just shocked" and that "he has never heard of anything like this occurring in a Mennonite community before," and also quotes "Rick Fast, director of communications with the Mennonite Central Committee Canada in Winnipeg" saying that "he has not heard much more about the incident than what has been reported in the media and declined to comment on it."

But, according to this article in the (Mennonite Brethren) MB Herald from Feb. 2008, sexual crimes against women and children in these Bolivian Mennonite colonies is NOT a "shock" to Mennonites in Canada. They have been aware for years that Mennonite children were being sexually abused there and that this "is the tip of the iceberg on abuse," but Canadian Mennonites "have turned a blind eye to issues of abuse" when it involves their own Anabaptist children.

That is why "any such information is controversial among Mennonites in Canada, since Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) has been working in the colonies for years, establishing relationships with elders" - the same Mennonite elders in Bolivia who have been ignoring the sexual crimes being committed against their own children "including generational sexual abuse" - crimes (of incest) that have nothing to do with allegedly being drugged and raped while they slept, by roving gangs equipped with cans of sleep inducing aerosol spray and viagra, and then waking up naked in their beds.

What are the Mennonites in Canada and their fellow Mennonites in Bolivia covering up, considering their years of knowledge of these sexual crimes being committed against their fellow Anabaptist children, by claiming now that they are "just shocked"?



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