37 years ago: Germaine Greer vs. Larry Zolf

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37 years ago: Germaine Greer vs. Larry Zolf



A glimpse of history - [url=http://archives.cbc.ca/health/reproductive_issues/clips/12448/]watch Germaine Greer[/url] demolish Larry Zolf.

My apologies to those on dial-up (there are ways to download and watch this offline). But Tuesday is the 37th anniversary of this event and I didn't want to miss it.


A Wobbly in drag? Since when were all Wobblies men? The IWW organized without regard for gender or racial lines.

Zolf is an idiot.

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Originally posted by genstrike:
Zolf is an idiot.[/b]

Ya think? [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]

Greer is brilliant.


Geez, if he'd shut the fuck up and let her answer the question, it would be much more interesting! Boy, he sure was an ass! A totally sexist creep!

But it's hard to judge people by how they were 37 years ago. Hopefully he's changed a bit over the years.

genstrike, the funny thing is, he called her "a female wobbly in drag".

Does that mean she's dressed up in men's clothes? [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img]

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Time can be the best revenge: his daughter is a strong feminist. Who writes family into poetry.