40 Days of Harassment

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40 Days of Harassment


So it is a week into the '40 Days for Life Campaign'

I find the whole campaign and targeting of women entering the hospital appalling.

This is their third year in Halifax and I'm pretty shoked to come across what seems to be the main organizer being aggressive with the public.

They claim it's a prayer but it looks like a lot more than that.



What are other peoples experience with this organized harassment in other cities? What kind of resistance is happening?

What kind of  creative resistance can be effective but won't give them the media attention they are looking for.

4000 years for choice

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Hi autonoyou, welcome to babble.

The images in the YouTube link are unclear. Who are the women on camera? A couple of pro-lifers? They seem to be standing beside a street, not blocking entrance to anything. You can see parked cars behind them. Who's the cameraperson? She seems to be prochoice. I saw no assault or specific harassment of a "pregnant woman". 

I'm pro-choice, but we can't hurl accusations at the dumbass pro-lifers, especially the "organizers", based on the images in that 13 second clip. If there are more images, or news reports, please post them. This is indeed appalling.

The 4000 years for choice link is great, thanks for that.


Thanks for the welcome and questions,

i found the video by searching '40 days for life halifax'...i also came across these blogs:



my initial impression of the video is that the organizer of the 'peaceful vigil' is aggressively charging the person behind the camera. based on the video description, i understand the person behind the camera is pregnant.


I posted it here because i want to hear people's ideas on resisting this campaing. i haven't been able to find too many examples online.