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 Okay this pill is being marketed as Viagra for woman, its very much not as it doesn't treat physical sex dysfunction, but its supposed treat mental elements primarily of hyposexual dysfunction (what most people would just call low libido), which viagra does not treat. Addyi barely does this, best case scenerio your looking at 1 extra good sexual experience a month based on research thanks to the pill, if you take it everyday.

 It has nasty side effects, if mixed with booze it can knock you out, this drug is a train wreck, why would anyone inflict this drug on anyone. Oh and at least 1 of the studies was done primarily on men, even though its not meant for men.

 Why would anyone think this was good for women?

 The National Oraginization for Woman backed this hard, which is why it got approved dispite the science. Some at NOW has to be on the take, there is no other conceivible explanation for why they support this drug.

 And I don't except they're arguement that men have 26 sex dysfuction pills to women's 1, mostly because its NOT TRUE, there are in fact drugs for female medical conditions that make vaginal sex painful, and for cases were there is no medical condition, there are lubericates to make sex easier and more pleasurible, and theapies for psychological issues.

 Women DESERVE good science and safe medicine, government owes that to everyone.