Andrea Horwath and the ONDP in Heels (Again)

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Andrea Horwath and the ONDP in Heels (Again)



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Well, Andrea Horwath is leader of the Ontario NDP. The party colour is orange. Horwath is a woman. Most woman wear high-heeled shoes at least on occasion - hence an orange shoe - also goes well with the TV ads showing the shoes of the three leaders.

Every campaign needs a metaphor. Miller in 2003 had a broom. Layton in May had his cane and a can of orange crush. Now Horwath has her orange high heeled shoe. Maybe the ONDP should make a deal with a shoe store and start selling orange shoes just like the one in the poster for people to wear!!...and maybe have an orange themed running shoe for men as well since a woman could get away with orange dressy high heels but you could not have orange dress shoes on a man without looking ridiculous.

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This would have been a better choice:

(borrowed from a friend on Facebook)

David Young

Orange dress shoes on a man?

No more ridiculous than Hudak looked during the debate!


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Seems like she is appealing to the Cake's fans.  High heels as a symbol of progressive politics is absurd, IMO.  I've never seen many high heels on a picket line or in a community garden.  Wow how great is that Stock, high heels for the ladies and running shoes for the men.  Short skirts and orange heels is not my idea of progress for women but then it is not up to me to decide since I am a man.


Outside the fashion industry, few women who actually have to spend any time on their feet wear high heeled shoes.  Whether you think they make your legs look great, are a fetishist, or think they're the ultimate symbol of the patriarchy, they're damned impractical and hard on your feet, legs and back. Not to mention, they represent a very narrow, limited idea of female beauty.

The real issue, once again, is the double standard. That and the boringly consistent need to view women in terms of their sexual attractiveness to straight men.


I imagine one would have to have a good sense of balance to wear them. And on that note, Dalton McGuilty should try some of those new designer clogs by Gepetto. Earth to Pinocchio?