Another reason to boycott Wal-Mart

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Another reason to boycott Wal-Mart



[url=]Wal-Mart thinks stalking is a joke [/url]

From feminsting:


In addition to being heinously ugly, this shirt represents some serious misogyny. And it's being sold at Wal-Mart. A woman in North Carolina who noticed the shirt is also a stalking victim, and she's justifiably horrified.

"People don't realize how serious stalking is," she said. "You constantly live in fear, look over your shoulder and suffer from psychological and physical symptoms due to the stress of the stalker."

"Joke" shirts like these only further promote the idea that stalking is just romance taken a little too far. It's not. It's about power and control, and it's fucking scary as hell.

The NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence says that they're taking action and have been in contact with Wal-Mart. So far, no response.

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised however, when you consider the company's history with sexist shirts...

[url=]More here ... [/url]

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I particularly like the way the t-shirt slogan - about stalking - has lettering that looks like blood.

Really special! Meanwhile, they censor all sorts of "inappropriate" DVDs and albums...


I like this quote by [url=]Martha Burk[/url]


Wal-Mart has even made anti-woman statements in the culture wars through products it chooses to sell, and those it chooses not to sell. Ten years ago, it pulled T-shirts that read, “Some Day a Woman Will Be President,” featuring Margaret from “Dennis the Menace.” Wal-Mart called the shirts “offensive” and “against Wal-Mart’s family values.” But it continues to sell violent video games such as the Grand Theft Auto series, where players get points for having sex with a prostitute and garner even higher scores for killing her to avoid payment.

One of these days I will learn how to embed a picture into babble, but until then, the shirt Wal-mart pulled 10 years ago is available to view [url=]here.[/url]

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jrose: One of these days I will learn how to embed a picture into babble, but until then ...

Now's as good a time as any.

If you go to the website with the picture you are interested in and right-click your mouse over the picture you will get a menu of items that includes "Copy Image Location". Go ahead and left-click on that choice in the list.

Now go to babble and, after you've started entering a reply to a thread, (which you know how to do already) left-click on the Instant Formatting item called "image". A dialogue box will come up which asks for the URL. So, you simply "paste" the URL of the image ( Control "V")and the image will then be added to your reply. You can add a title above or a caption below for extra bonus points. Heh.



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So let's see, right wing family values have it that young girls aspiring to public office is evil, while stalking and killing women is funny ... huh! No surprise there for me.


I'd boycott them but I don't shop there because of all their other evil faults.


Thank you for the instructions!

Ken Burch

And these (unpleasant Southern White Men whose personal attributes have nothing to do with their parents marital status at the time of their births) just moved into my TOWN!


(corrected because the previous comment was an insult to bastards worldwide.)

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martin dufresne

Tsk, tsk... shouldn't use the term "bastards" pejoratively, esp. to take on a patriarchal bunch like the Waltons...
But why we shouldn't we go handle all those nice white T-shirts while munching on drippy, gooey blueberry pie...?

Ken Burch

Blueberry pie and chili dogs.

Pride for Red D...

I sware, some people...(I did like the furry happy monster video though)


[url=,2933,316580,00.html]Wal-Mart does it again[/url]


Suggestive pink Santa panties targeting young girls are being removed from Wal-Mart stores after parents objected to the offensive undergarments.

The panties, which were sold in the juniors department, seemed to suggest that girls don't need money, they just need a sugar daddy — in this case Santa Claus.

The hipster briefs — carrying the slogan "Who needs credit cards ..." on the front and "When you have Santa" on the derriere — caused an uproar among parents, who called for the $2.96 drawers to be pulled off the racks.

"We have directed our stores to remove this merchandise from our shelves," Linda Brown Blakely, a spokeswoman for Wal-Mart, told Wednesday. ...

Seems like the ladies at feministing were pretty instrumental on getting these horrible things pulled from the shelves.

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 I'm still trying to get over the Thongs for Pre-schoolers. Walmart ditched those fairly quickly, but the international lingerie store that begins with "L.S." Junior, didn't.

 Thongs, miniature bras, etc. in their store windows. Kiddy Porn for the Mall masses?

 3 & 4 year olds don't need bras, or thongs, or frilly bikini undies!