The anti-abortion, religious right on facebook.

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I think it is hilarious that the god squad is trying to freep the broadcaster they love to loath.

It merely shows the increasing desperation of the social conservative position.

Of course,the shouting down of any opinion not accepted by a certain vocal critic of social conservatism is ironic,given her committment to freedom of choice.

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Nice of you to step into the feminist forum and cast aspersions jester.

Perhaps you should study the mandate of the feminist forum, it is only for those who are speaking in support of the feminist position, and not for those alluding to being against or speaking against feminists.

It most certainly is not for calling names when people point out the duplicity of a poster, or posters.

Also, it is quite apparent, though you first stated, or appeared to state support, you only used that as a vehicle to cast your conclusion of aspersions.

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Originally posted by remind:

It would seem those who aren't taking the threat seriously, really are not supportive of pro-choice, IMV, and would like, if not admitted though, Charter Rights be removed for women.[/b]

I think this is where people diverge in their opinions. Some people view the results of the CBC wish contest as a something bigger and a threat to our reproductive rights. Others view the CBC contest as stupid and therefore are not terribly concerned about the results.

I don't think anyone on this thread has said they are anti-choice, anti-feminism or anti Charter rights for women.

I believe that if the Harper gov't did anything to change the abortion laws, everyone on this thread would be opposed (and if I'm wrong, then Remind you are right and those ppl should not be in this forum).

Remind might be right and maybe this facebook contest is a sign of something bigger but I don't think it is. FYI - for those of you who are on Facebook, do a search for pro-choice groups, there are quite a few.

I thought this thread was about Facebook and the CBC contest. If a person says they think it is stupid, they mean the contest, not women's rights.

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I use facebook but this was actually the first place I heard about this contest. Seeing what the top wishes were did throw me at first, but then I realized it obviously had nothing to do with what Canadians or even Facebook users actually wish for. IMHO, it doesn't indicate any sort of growth or new strength in the pro-life camp.

I hope no one will attempt to use this post to somehow demonstrate how I don't care about reproductive rights. [img]rolleyes.gif" border="0[/img]

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Also, it is quite apparent, though you first stated, or appeared to state support, you only used that as a vehicle to cast your conclusion of aspersions.

Trollery you say? Apparent support? Allow me to assuage your ruffled feathers.

I am pro choice. Not necessarily pro abortion but pro choice in that it is a woman's right to choose among her options.

I mentioned my position to a vocal social conservative who politely told me that nuances didn't vount and that if I was not anti-abortion,I was their enemy. So be it.

Hilarious as the CBC freeping is,no one should underestimate the desperation of the anti-abortion crowd,especially now that Steve has marginalised their influence in the CPC. They are apoplectic that they can't force their opinion on the party even though they only constitute 25% of the membership.


Okay, this is just stupid and I'm closing this thread. If anyone feels like talking to each other about this contest instead of engaging in a pissing match, please do start a new one.


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