Assault Prevention Workshop for Racialized Women: Montreal

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Assault Prevention Workshop for Racialized Women: Montreal


Assault Prevention Workshop for Racialized Women by the Montreal Assault Prevention Centre

Racialized women, including native women, immigrant women, and women of colour, face systemic barriers in accessing assault prevention services. In order to address systemic exclusion, we are currently offering our ACTION self-defense workshop for free to women in your organization. Our 15 hour ACTION workshop includes verbal and physical self-defense strategies with the goal of preventing violence. In order to draw participants for an ACTION workshop, we offer a free 90 minute ACTION demonstration. This demonstration includes a presentation, a demonstration of a few strategies, and a chance for women to share their experiences and needs.

Since 1984, the Montreal Assault Prevention Centre, a non-profit organization and registered charity, has been offering assault prevention services for statistically vulnerable groups, including children, adolescents, women of all ages, and people with disabilities. Our programs focus on empowerment and developing resources to support those facing difficult and dangerous situations. The aim of the Montreal Assault Prevention Centre is to address violence in our society through a series of activities geared towards public education emphasizing assault prevention.

ACTION for women and adolescents examines the dynamics at play in situations of assault and proposes efficient, concrete strategies, giving women tools for protecting themselves, for setting limits, and for fighting discrimination - which can affect their wellbeing, power of choice and access to resources, etc. We work with realistic scenarios taken from women's lived experience, whether in their daily lives, with their families, at work, at school, or in any other relevant context, to help them find solutions and strategies that are appropriate for their needs. The philosophy of ACTION is to focus on what can be done, rather than what cannot be done.

To organize a demonstration in your organization or for more information, please call Heidi Mehta at (514) 284-1212 or email [email protected].