Australian prosecutor calls gang-rapists of 10-year old "naughty" and gives no jail t

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Indiana Jones
Australian prosecutor calls gang-rapists of 10-year old "naughty" and gives no jail t


Indiana Jones

Anyone else see this story? THis is absolutely shocking and disgusting and these bastards won't spend a minute in prison for what they did.


Indiana Jones

SYDNEY (AFP) — An Australian prosecutor who described nine males who gang-raped a 10-year-old Aboriginal girl as "naughty" was suspended from duty as outrage grew Wednesday over the fact they were not jailed...

"They're very naughty for doing what they're doing but it's really, in this case, it was a form of childish experimentation, rather than one child being prevailed upon by another," he said.

Carter said such incidents were not out of character in remote communities.

"Children, females, have got to be -- deserve -- the same protection under the law in an Aboriginal or an indigenous community as they do in any other community," he added. "But sometimes things happen in a small community when children get together."

Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin said Wednesday the system had let the girl down.

"The child protection system certainly let this little girl down and we all now need to work as hard as possible to make sure it doesn't happen again," she told national radio.

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The paper, which described the white judge as well known in Aboriginal communities for her efforts to keep people out of jail,


I think we can imagine if it had been several white teens and an adult arrested for gang raping the young aboriginal girl, the reaction to the sentence (among say many on here) may have been a bit different.

Of course the sentence would likely not have been the same.

Indiana Jones

What sentence? These guys got off with absolutely nothing. A slap on the wrist would be a step UP. This is truly revolting. I don't care what colour skin the rapists had. They deserve to rot in jail for the rest of their lives.


Actually, I started a thread on this in the international news forum, although it could belong here, or in the racism forum.

I'm not sure if the story was available when Indiana Jones posted the link, but there's another story indicating that the Crown did not disclose all the facts to the judge. That he in fact misrepresented what had happened.

It's been my thought the last week or so that where we need civilian oversight-- and investigation-- is in the way the crown uses it's discretion to not lay charges. I think that is more important than any civilian oversight on police.

I know this is an Australian case, but the systems-- and outcomes-- are all too familiar.

I can remember us all being outraged here not long ago by a Canadian judge who mitigated the sentence of a child rapist because the child "was sexually provocative".

And where does the notion come from that a 10 year old or if my memory serves, a five year old in the Canadian case, can "consent" to sex?

That's fucked up thinking. And along those lines, the article said that the judges there are instructed to use jail for Aboriginals as a last resort. I read that a few days ago, and assumed it was because, similar to a few places in Canada, they were trying their own Aboriginal justice systems.

But such is not the case. In Australia, the directive came about because of 'too many deaths in custody of Aboriginals'.

So, instead of facing the racism and apparently murders of Aboriginals at the hands of police or corrections officers, or inmates head on, they create this convoluted system that leaves children unprotected.

Evil is a plasma.

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