Big Bad Chinese Mama - mail-order brides as you may have suspected they felt

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martin dufresne
Big Bad Chinese Mama - mail-order brides as you may have suspected they felt I especially like the Harem of Angst (Let us see to your needs)

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Caution - May trigger irrepressible laughter - or indignant reaction, who knows?...Undecided


martin dufresne

From their FUQ page:

Actually, I am not a Caucasian man, but an Asian American who believes in racial unity and harmony. Your site only seems to make Asian Americans look worse than better. How are you going to break stereotypes by creating new ones?

So the wimpy tactics you suggest are those of an armchair academic like yourself. You want me to "dance" around the fact that deeply imbedded anger and frustration are realities in our communities that shouldn't be addressed. Folks like you always criticize the few people in our community who are brave enough to speak up as not being good "representatives" to Asian America. You probably sit at home whining about how "Margaret Cho is a disgrace to Asians," how "Ling on Ally MacBeal only sets us back to being dragon ladies," or how "Amy Tan makes Asian men look bad." Face it, no Asian American is going to be a perfect representative of a community as diverse and confusing as ours. If we aren't the exotic lotus blossoms then we are the Long Duc Dongs. If we aren't either of those, then we drink and smoke too much and beat our wives. If you don't like who is out there "representing" you, then you can't complain because there ain't too much to choose from. What we need is a bigger spectrum of voices.

Go ahead, you don't have to like my site, just make sure you make your own.

So try it, make your own website with cute little drawings of boys and girls of all colors holding hands with sweet marketable slogans like "Eracism" and "No Color Lines". I am sure that those slogans alone will really get people to kick their prejudices aside and come to racial understanding. Or how about some long, drawn-out dissertation thesis on Asian American community that will be completely inaccessible to understand? You can't spend your whole life ignoring there is a bomb out there and turn your backs on it--because it will explode in your own backyard. Do you remember the LA Riots? Or would you rather forget?



"My family is from a small farming village called Taipei..."


Heh.  Yeah, I liked that comment too, jas.

The FUQ was excellent. :D


Oddly, I thought the quoted response in the FUQ was somewhat problematic. Maybe it's just me and my distaste for knee-jerk anti-intellectualism.