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Why not? Many women have had miscarriages and have been able to get pregnant again. I never heard of one who was able to regrow a kidney.

You are just trying to argue that fetuses are persons. Trust me, you won't last very long around here with that argument.

Dr. Hilarius

First, I would really ahve no objection if someone WERE sentenced more stiffly if the attack caused the loss of a kidney or an eye or any other sort of amjor physical harm. I think the harm done to the victim and the long-term impact on the victim's life ought to be taken into consideration at sentencing. Whether we need strict laws as to how to apply this or how much we leave it to a judge's discretion is another debate.

As for the kidney comparison, however, I think it is disingenuous. You may be correct on the technical aspects but we all know that issues surrounding pregnancy are very emotional. I have my kidneys and if I lsot one, I'd certainly feel bad about that but as of right now as I write this, I don't feel any sort of emotional attachment or bond to them. I can't say the same about my children, even when they were in the room. yes, we did talk about names and I did feel them kicking and all sorts of other experiences that would ahve made their loss devestating. Comparing that to a kidney is jsut crass.


So Hilarius, you think the "soft" anti-choice approach in this forum - or on this board for that matter - is a better method of infiltration?

Dr. Hilarius

Sorry, unionist, could you clarify exaclty what you mean by that? I'd be happy to respond, I'm jsut a little confused by how you phrased it. Maybe it's jsut me. English is my 3rd language and I don't always get subtleties.


Closing for length. Please start a new thread.


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