A Bold request to help create housing in the Downtown Eastside.

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A Bold request to help create housing in the Downtown Eastside.

Hey Folks.

Apologies for this mass email. A unique opportunity has
arisen and I
need to work fast.

I am attempting to raise $40K, which
will be used for lease-hold
improvements to create 12 permanent SRAs for
elder women. The building,
which the owner has used as offices for the past
few years, is being
reconverted to an SRA. The owner is a private sector
company. Atira will
sign a master lease and operate the building. The ground
commercial space will be occupied by a coffee shop. 12 nice rooms
with bay windows), two bathrooms, a kitchen and laundry facilities and
small but nice outdoor courtyard. Because it’s been used as offices
actually in really good shape. Just needs doors and closets
some security upgrades, the kitchen converted from an office
into a proper kitchen, beds and such.

And, the exact
opportunity is to convert a 12-unit SRA back into an SRA,
creating what are
essentially 12 new units of housing as they have been
vacant for so long.
More importantly perhaps, it will house a
particularly at risk group of women
who generally do not do well in
large co-ed SRAs as they are vulnerable to
exploitation and violence.
The smaller size of the building also lends itself
to this particular
population group as it’s quieter and creates an
opportunity to have a
more family-like home. Many women simply out grow the
DTES lifestyle but
because of poverty, stigma and lack of choice are stuck in
the larger
SRAs. We will likely look for elder women living in large SRAs and
are feeling unsafe in their current conditions and offer them
This also frees up 12 rooms in other SRAs for folks who
harder/hardest to house.

I am casting the net wide in the hopes
many hands, or in this case many
donations, make light work. Please pass on
to anyone you think might be
interested in this kind of project/this
population group.

If you choose to send a cheque please make it out

Atira Women’s Resource Society
101 East Cordova
Vancouver, B.C.
V6A 1K7

Att: Elder Women’s SRA

do please let me know if you need more information. My direct line
604.331.1420. Thanks and again, apologies for the