Boss assaults four women, gets unconditional discharge

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Thank you everyone, and remind thanks for sharing your story with us.

As usual, you women rule. This issue is so highly fractured that even with people I consider "safe" I have a hard time convincing them of its seriousness.

It always gets turned around - what was she wearing, did she ever reciprocate, why didn't she step forward sooner.

In a related issue, I just finished reading the story of Joseph Fritzl, a man who imprisoned his daughter in his basement for 19 years and fathered three children with her. The book was incredibility problematic in that the author went to considerable lengths to show how the daughter fought the father tooth and nail. The implication being that if she had of succumbed to his advances, beatings etc. without a fight then she was partially to blame for her imprisonment.In reality I am sure that she suffered some form of Stockholm Syndrome, and there is nothing wrong with saying she did what she had to do to stay alive, including submitting to his sexual and physical abuses.

In later news, I just found out that the police said my sexual assault (2004) was consensual. Coincidentally this was tacked on 1 month after I made a formal complaint against the police (2008) .Worst part is, there is nothing I can do.







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Awwww...Stargazer, I am so sorry to hear that, but not at all surprised. Not quite sure what to say as really what can one say, other than I know where you are at.

The new minimum wage here is BC has got some employers up in arms. And the removal of the 6/hr training wage is infuriating many others too. And of course those who are benefitting most from the increase in min wage is girls and women, so employers are even more resentful.

The woman above who got fired for wanting her overtime, also was telling him that he had to incease her wage as it was law. He had told her he was not going to comply with the min wage increase.

Hmmmm...this dialogue with you triggered a thought, though it is a tangent. The labour minister here made an announcement this week that they were going to be getting rid of many regulations governing small businesses that were hindering their ability to make a profit.

Since Christy announce the minimum wage increase and the disolution of the training wage in order to get elected, it has never made sense to me why she would do so. As it alienates a large portion of BC Liberal sponsors.

Perhaps they are planning on allowing small businesses to set their own wage levels? This would also fit the new free trade zone they are thinking about starting in the Port of Vancouver.

No wage laws, would allow small business employers to bring in outside the country labour as they will say, like so many others do already, that they can't get Canadians to work for what they can afford to pay.