Breastfeeding protest at Vancouver store

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Oh, I didn't mean to imply we didn't do co-sleeping at all!  But it was different for us even with Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Thing 1 didn't want to be in bed with us much - she was in a basinette next to the bed for several months, though, and only occasionally got into bed with us after she had her own room.  Thing 2 was the NeverPutMeDown baby, and that included sleeping alone.  Eventually she would sleep the part of the night in her basinette or crib in our room, then sleep with us after waking to have a snack - eventually lengthening the time until she slept in her own bed.  She was more likely to join us later on, too. 

What I meant was that we didn't start with the family bed as the default, which a lot of the attachment parents of my acquaintance did - often promoting it as the best choice and making you out to be an ogre if you didn't.  I remember one newcomer at LLL being counselled to hold the course on co-sleeping even though she was clearly exhausted and having trouble sleeping with the baby in the bed.  I made a number of hard-core APs angry with me when I told her that if it isn't working for her, she didn't have to do it, that I didn't do it all the time and that you should take what works for you and just jettison the rest of the advice. 


Our little Bacchanae was in the hospital for 3 months ·she was three months early, born at 27 weeks) and Mrs Bacchus had to pump to supply her(she also suffered from a digestive disorder at first). Eventually she ran dry and nothing could bring it back. So is she a bad mom? never breadfed and used formula?Yell

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Of course not, Bacchus!  I'm very glad that things turned out well for your family.  I honestly don't think even hardcore breastfeeding advocates would think Mrs B was a bad mother for not breastfeeding, under the circumstances.

I've always thought breastfeeding is the better option IF POSSIBLE.  There are times when it isn't.  Beyond that, though, if you're going to be miserable doing it, you're probably better off not breastfeeding.  It's not like it's a lifethreatening choice.  I was a formula baby, myself, I think I turned out all right.


Oh we have come across breastfeeding advocates who condemned her and berated her in public with a very condescending tone


Didnt mean you tho.


And yeah shes doing great and very very smart. Way too smart for us