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British Woman Closed Thread

It was not a "How bad the muslims are thread". I started the thread to bring to attention the situation of the British lady. However, I guess I somehow made a mistake somewhere with the Hockey post...

I meant it when I said please advice where I can find a group/organization that supports the islamic views of punishing a man when he is married and committs adultery with several unmarried women under the disguise of a Bachelor under assumed personalities.

It is not a "crime" by Canadian law, but it is a crime in Islam and since this man is according to him "a recent practising muslim with strict fundamentalist and radical views to the point where he does not listen to music" ; I am hoping the  group or the religious organization which he is affiliated to will at least hold it as a crime?

Thus I am not saying "how bad Muslims are"

You never gave me a chance Michelle...

I still welcome anyone who knows the answer to my question..........

I am a bit confused and am reading up voraciously to understand if the World situation is basically a result of personal misinterpretation of the religious teachings of different groups.

Hope I don't sound utterly hopeless!!!!





What the hell? I just locked this account, or at least I thought I had.  Sorry folks.

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