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CBC's F-word Documentary

Narrow focus made the F-Word documentary inaccurate, unhelpful and defeatist

One of the framing questions asked by the film is "where did feminism go wrong?" In getting to the answer the film outlined some of the goals and objectives of "second wave" feminism. But if this means the status quo is represented as the answer to the question of where feminism went wrong, the answer will focus only on the shortcomings of the second wave.

There would be something to be grateful for here, too, if the documentary makers had focussed on those "failures" in their socio-economic and political context. The pressures of neoliberalism over the last two decades have led to the marginalization of many liberation movements, feminism is just one of them. The critical issue for contemporary movements is to understand how that happened and, of course, that means critical analysis of the goals and strategies of the movements themselves.

But the exclusion of this type of context in the documentary rendered it inaccurate, unhelpful and defeatist.

Did the doc at least get its history of the Canadian second wave right? Absolutely not.




my feelings exactly.  


Very Upper Middle class, very white, & very hetero.  All very conformist. No wonder people wonder "What happened to feminism?"

 This program showed that it's right there under your nose, & being so Normal & well behaved as to be Invisable.

 I lost interest after the 'live-in child care person' got a few minutes on camera, but no mention of anything about Her life.

 I don't know anyone who has, or had a 'Live-in Child Care Person'. Egad! Cry I'm Poor & so are my friends! Nobody Told Us! Laughing

 Germain Greere asked if 'Women 50 years my junior have to ask me for advice..etc." She, Betty Freidan, & Gloria Steinum at least got people talking & doing things. We have some great women working for/with us today, but not getting the kind of media coverage that happened back then.

 Media does do flavour of the month issues. We are not that flavour now, & have not been for some time.

 Maybe it's time for somebdy to publicly burn their sex toys, or their thong, or spanx? Burning a bra got the kind of instant coverage that no Real Issue could..lol Laughinghold a candle to.


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Gotta love people commenting on feminism who know absolutely nothing and spread falsehoods long ago debunked....not!



Sine Ziegler

it was a crappy docu indeed. Too short to even cover anything of substance. It was embarassing.


remind wrote:

Gotta love people commenting on feminism who know absolutely nothing and spread falsehoods long ago debunked....not!



 So how old are you? I still have the 1st edition of MS Magazine that I bought on the way to work.

 I was using the 'bra burning' as exactly what is was. Something that was more myth than reality. (I had heard than one bra was actually burned, but this was probably after the media furor, & it's really neither here nor there.) And -"No, I'm Not really suggesting that women have a bon fire of sex toys & Spanxs...Well, maybe just the Spanxs.")

 The current myth is that "You have made it! Nothing to see here, please  go home & wash the dishes. You have obtained equality."

 The point is that it (the not bra burning) got media coverage. In the beginning, as the article pointed out, it was supposed to be a put down to feminists, but it had the opposite effect in the long run. Women knew that something was wrong with their lives, just as they had suspected all along.

 You had to be there...& suspect that You weren't!


Remind (s) me that some people are real anal D.B's.

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LOL, calling me an anal douche bag really proves your creds.

 And as a matter of fact I was there in 1972, not that that means sfa, as it doesn't.