Chatelaine attempts to restart "the abortion debate"

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martin wrote:
First a "fetus born alive" is a baby, not a fetus. Born, takes first breath = baby; that is the criterion.

On that note, I would like to indicate hoodeet's use of loaded, misrepresenting, anti-choice rhetoric in her  post,  when she said; "killing viable infants" and "carrying unwanted children to term". There is NO children and there is no infants in this equation, there is either a zygote or a fetus.  A fetus is a fetus, until outside of the womb, as such  "children/infants" cannot be carried to term, nor are they being killed, and neither is a zygote, or a fetus, as in their case they are not yet alive.

Wrongful conceptual frameworks skew our personal emotions, which already have no basis in this equation other than if we are applying it to ourselves. Attempts to  wrongly frame, defame and slander women who excercise their personal and private choice, as being monsterous murders is unacceptable to me, and should be to everyone, it is also bordering on hate speech, if not actual.


Geegoshdarnit, wish this thread could go on longer, but you know how it is.  Long thread and all.  We'll end with remind's very good analysis of how anti-choice language can frame discussion - which I agree with wholeheartedly.


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