Conference: Sexual Assault Law, Practice and Activism in a post-Jane Doe era

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Conference: Sexual Assault Law, Practice and Activism in a post-Jane Doe era

I'm thinking of going to this conference, and I wanted to let babblers know about it. It's incredibly inexpensive given the amazing speakers they've booked. If any babblers decide to go, please PM me and we can meet up. In Ottawa. In March. Brrrrrr.... 



Sexual Assault Law, Practice and Activism in a post-Jane Doe era

March 6 & 7, 2009
Sponsored by the Shirley E. Greenberg Chair
And the Faculty of Law, Common Law and Civil Law Sections
University of Ottawa, Canada

This conference will use the passing of the tenth anniversary of the Jane Doe v. Metropolitan Police Force (Ont. S. Ct. 1998) decision to assess the state of policing and the legal regulation of the crime of sexual assault as well as feminist activism in response. The conference aims to foster public dialogue and greater public awareness regarding the treatment of the crime of sexual assault by police, lawyers and the courts, as well as inter-disciplinary research and collaboration on this topic.



This looks great. It's right up my alley. I'll have to see about the expenses of getting there and staying there though.

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There are supposed to be on-campus accommodations, I assume at a cheap rate, but they aren't posted on the website yet. I'm thinking in the new year they'll put up some info.

But now's as good a time as any to let babblers know about, an amazingly cheap site for hotels (and flights, etc). The only issue is you have to commit to a hotel, and pay for it, before you know exactly which hotel it is. The most it will say is a map with "downtown Ottawa" or "downtown Montreal" or whatever. But the prices are incredible. PM me if you want more info. And Stargazer, I can just tell you about it on the 29th!

Back to the conference. Speakers posted in the draft conference program include: Jane Doe (of course), Lee Lakeman, Beverly Bain, Fran Odette, Maria Campbell, Constance Backhouse and Mandy Bonisteel. I'm particularly interested in the sessions: "Issues in Feminist Advocacy", the Aboriginal women's panel, "Compensating Sexual Assault", "Role of the State in Racializing Sexual Assault" and "Criminalizing Women and Women's Agency"

Martin, if you're reading this, I think you'd be interested as well. There are a number of Francophone speakers who you probably know/have heard of.

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Sounds excellent, if I get a huge cash influx maybe I will attend.

"watching the tide roll away"

martin dufresne

I definitely will attend. Three months to think of a suitable costume...Cool

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I've confirmed my registration, so I'll be there! If any babblers are going and would like to meet up and yak after/before (not during! Shh!) drop me a line. It's only a few weeks away.  

sex movie

Which action if done will become and comes under sexual assault?

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Complaint sent. Suggest others do the same, rather than give this any energy / respect.

Wow, what a depressing morning.

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The asshat's been banned and the link is deleted.


This untoward bumping has reminded me that I never reported back from this conference. I will try to dig up my notes on it and share what I learned, which was tons.


I think "sex movie" might be one of those spammers - we've been getting a number of them lately, where they post something in a thread, post a sort-of related comment as an excuse to post their link.  In this case, we just happened to get a porn spammer.

Not that this makes it any less depressing, but just in case people stumble on this thread and think "sex movie" is a regular babbler - they're not.

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Well given that fuckwad registered today, and was a babbler for just about an hour and a half doesn't give babbler #18178 a huge amount of cred.


martin dufresne

Looking forward to the conference transcripts being published by the (incredibly efficient) U of Ottawa organizers. It was sold out and a major gas, and those papers need to be read far and wide.


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When are they going to be published?

martin dufresne

I have asked Professor Liz Sheehy. Will let you know.


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Thanks martin.

martin dufresne

Sheehy tells me she expects to get the manuscript (42 edited papers!) to a publisher by the end of August.


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Wow what a huge load of information.

martin dufresne

And wait til you see the roster of speakers: Sheehy, Jane Doe herself, Justice Claire L'Heureux-Dubé, Priscilla Campeau, Yasmin Jiwani, Diana Yaros, Jessica Yee, Sunny Marriner, Louise Langevin, Sheila McIntyre, Louisa Russell, Constance Backhouse, Shereen Mills...

Michelle Briand and I were doing simultaneous translation and we were staying up late reading the next day's speakers' writings on the Web to grasp the subtleties of their re-conceptualizing. You can still check out the roster by clicking on "Conference Program" here.