Crimes against women are lesser, or unacknowleged.

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Crimes against women are lesser, or unacknowleged.


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Last evening on CTV's National News they had a brief clip of a man who was being sought nationwide, after his failure to appear in court, for having kept his estranged wife captive for 10 days. Have been searching for a link to this story, but cannot find one on line.

Anyhow, after being charged, said man was released on own recognizance, and has now failed to appear to face charges.

WTH? If it was any other person, that he had held captive for 10 days, other than his wife, there would be no way that he would have been let out on his own recognizance. There would have been national news stories about it as soon as it was found out.

But hey, a wife, a non-issue it appears, until he fails to appear, and it says much about how wives are treated after being abused, or held captive by spouse.

This woman now has to fear he will somehow get to her again, and perhaps do more to her than be held captive!

When are our courts going to start taking crimes against women and spouses seriously?

Anyhow, I have attached last nights news feed for those who can watch it.

[url= national news[/url]

Etd the thread title so it will fit all those crimes against women that are considered lesser crimes, or that go unacknowleged at all

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I am so sick, of crimes against girls/women being considered as lesser crimes, than drug or property theft crimes.

The patriarchial right wing doesn't for a moment consider their cupability in patriarchy law enforement either.


Given credit for the 77 days he spent in jail waiting for sentencing, McDermid sentenced the man to five years and seven months. The man blamed his indecent conduct on his "selfishness."