Doctors denying reproductive rights

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Doctors denying reproductive rights



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CNN had a segment yesterday on doctors denying women reproductive health care -- mainly contraception. ...

The video, which features a 24-year-old woman who says she felt her doctor was telling her that she was "immoral" in the examine room, is available on Feministing, but it isn't available to embed unfortunately. It happens all the time I'm sure, but that doesn't mean it's less important to post.

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I think this could be a real rallying point for feminist groups - heck, even just women's groups, since "feminist" seems to be much more of a "bad word" in the US than it is here.

One thing that women could do to organize around this is to start a campaign of filing complaints with medical boards every time a woman is denied contraceptives or referrals to other reproductive medical services. It doesn't cost anything to file a complaint - at least, it doesn't here in Canada, not sure about the US - and here, medical professionals can't sue you for filing a complaint even if it goes nowhere.

Whether or not we win the complaints is not even really that important. Complaints to regulatory boards are a HUGE hassle for medical professionals. If women's groups make it clear that women are going to start filing complaints each and every time we are maltreated by misogynist pigs, that would be an incentive for doctors to smarten up. And to the medical profession to notice that there's a problem and to do something about it at the policy level, and to really educate their membership at the examination and licensing stage.