Domestic violence: Ottawa women's shelters overwhelmed by more than 50 requests a day

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martin dufresne
Domestic violence: Ottawa women's shelters overwhelmed by more than 50 requests a day

Ottawa women's shelters overwhelmed by more than 50 requests a day: report
By Shelley Page, The Ottawa Citizen, August 17, 2009
OTTAWA - In Ottawa each day more than 50 calls are made by abused women seeking shelter.

Last year, Ottawa's seven women's shelters received more than 18,600 phone calls for service.

These statistics are among the findings found inHidden from Sight: A look at the prevalence of Violence Against Women in Ottawa.

The report, released on Monday by the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women, paints a picture of abuse and sexual violence within relationships and homes. (...)



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Wonder how these stats compare with other cities?

Cannot tell you how sickening it is as a woman, to realize so many women are suffering so terriby on a daily basis, in just one city alone.

martin dufresne

From page 11 of the "Hidden from Sight" report:


Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Canada
• Nearly 200,000 women reported to Statistics Canada's 2004 General Social Victimization Survey that they had been assaulted or sexually assaulted by a spouse in the previous year.
• IPV can be found in every province, territory, city and community within Canada.
• Police reported over 38,000 incidents of IPV nation-wide, representing approximately 15% of all violent incidents reported to the police.
• Women represent the majority of IPV survivors (83%).
• The most common police charges filed in IPV cases include: common assault (61%), major assault (14%), uttering threats (11%) and criminal harassment (8%).
• Police laid charges in approximately 75% of cases and this has remained relatively stable over the past 9 years.
Source: Statistics Canada (2008)

I totally share your sentiments, remind.

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So either Ottawa has an over abunance of abusers, or the reports to thepolice are significantly lower than those seeking shelter from it.

IMV, when taken in context with the attempt by FR's groups, it is frightening to think of how many women will be forced to stay in such situations, because of the very good chance their abusive spouse will get custodial care.

Yes, I recognize that some men turn into very good parents after the toxic situation is gone. However, they are a minority, and if there is a female child involved, I am even more worried about the forth coming push by FR'ers. Misogyny does not end with a separation/divorce,  from the wife, for the girl.