Ending violence against women includes saving the long-gun registry

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No yards the solution to violence against women by MEN, is not going to be solved by a capitalist endeavour such as purchasing insurance.

It is going to be solved by MEN realizing they have absolutely no right to exploit, marginalize, abuse in all forms, and yes even murder women.

Agreed. The question is how to make men realize this? ... as "cold and mechanical" as it may sound, that takes "social engineering" (ie: there's no magical fix).... for the most part the world is run by a bunch of men (and women that have bought into the male paradigm) that put "economy" ahead of all else ... short of a major revolt that changes everything about hos society works, I think we need to come up with solutions that work within the framework in which society operates ... society operates in large part on economics, so maybe the first steps need to be "economic steps"?


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people already have life insurance that carries riders for injuries etc, has this  insurance access decreased the acts of violence against women?


I state again; violence against women has increased 21%.


the framework society operates in is patriarchy, and just what women need is to deal with a fucking capitalist insurance corporation as well the sexist police departments. Not!


...the violence experienced by women in this thread, is just a micro example of that which  occurs in  real life. Normalizing the violence or ignoring it is NOT acceptable.  Neither here nor in society at large.



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To find the solution to ending violence against women, ask women in the violence against women sector who have been doing this work in Canada for over 30 years. This will not be done here, in this thread.

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It seems nobody is happy with this thread, so I'm going to close it.


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