Eve Ensler takes on Schwarzenegger

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martin dufresne
Eve Ensler takes on Schwarzenegger

 The Terminator is Back

By Eve Ensler

What governor - once an actor, then a Terminator, married to a major
women's leader - has the chutzpah to wipe out 100 percent of the domestic
violence budget of California, the biggest state in the country, with a single
grope of his veto pen?

What same governor does this as the state economy is plummeting and
violence is escalating? When the STAND Hotline, that serves Contra Costa County,
fielded more than 12,500 calls for help in the first seven months of 2009,
triple the number in a normal year (if violence is ever normal)? In a state
where over the past six months at least five men, desperate from losing
their jobs, have murdered their families and themselves? What other governor
is willing to sacrifice the lives of his constituent daughters and mothers
in order to protect oil corporations from paying taxes on their
multi-billion-dollar profits - fair taxes that could easily fund these same programs?


Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues, playwright and activist, is the founder of V-Day, a global
movement to end violence against women and girls.