Female politician gets speech training to sound less "shrill"

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I disagree, this is a part of a number of skills a politician should have before getting elected.


Why should the tax payers pay for this?


I disagree with your disagreement Webgear ;) Otherwise all the only politicians we would have are those who could afford to take a multitude of classes before considering running for election.


Should we protest on the job safety training since safety is something you should know long before you applied for the job?


skinny dipper:

I don't think that a politician should consider his/her elected position as being a profession.  I don't think that my tax dollars should go to someone just to help him/her get re-elected.

So training for our elected officials should only go towards skills that are not usable in an election? er...makes sense?


If we're not willing to train our elected officials, then the only 'trained' elected officials we'll receive will either be trained by their own money (so the wealthy) or those than can get their training paid for them by corporate handouts. A training budget, appropriately handled by the city clerk, is preferable to either option IMHO.


From the article, this was both authorized through current channels AND an issue raised by her constituents.


Stintz said she researched competitive rates for coaching and got approval from the city clerk, who must approve all expenses.

Stintz says the coaching has made her a more effective public speaker and helped her feel more confident.

After addressing the Ontario Convenience Stores Association conference recently, "the feedback from them was my public speaking has improved significantly," Stintz said.