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This topic is for feminist successes however small or large. 





Men's Rights Concert In Toronto Cancelled Upon Discovery It Was A Men's Rights Concert

The uproar began on Wednesday when an article about the concert on left-wing website Rabble drew attention to the organizers. "Their claim that the concert is an 'equality' event is a pure smokescreen. 


The Globe and Mail reports the Artscape venue cancelled the concert after it received a "flurry of e-mails and Facebook posts."

"The premise of the event as it was given to us was a fair and equitable event that was family-friendly and a lovely music festival," Artscape's Liz Kohn told the Globe. “It has since turned political and we anticipated that there could be health and safety concerns as well."

In an interview with Vice, E-Day concert organizer, and CAFE board member, Gene Hughes denied knowledge of the Elliot Rodger shooting ("Was it over a divorce?") and he similarly told the Globe "It's more about the party."

But the party is over for now. As well as the venue pulling out, the bands and sponsors don't seem very happy either.

The group Giraffe posted to Facebook: "We feel that we were not fully informed about what it was that is being supported here, and also that calling it a festival that celebrates "equality" as opposed to "men's equality" was intentionally misleading to us in it's effort to entice us to play this show."

Spookey Reuban expressed his relief the concert was cancelled.



The actual article on rabble contains some bad news but I will leave that for a separate thread because this is the good stuff thread. 




Our media has the tendency to bombard us with dehumanizing images of the female body. Instead of presenting women as fully-realized individuals, it dissects us into sexualized parts like “breast,” “butt,” or “thigh.” The photographer Roger Weiss explains this sort of objectification thusly: “The image of women of our times has been reduced to a pattern, a combination of codes and models that lead to the woman/individual instead of the other way around.” 




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Good to hear that the concert was cancelled.

As for the organizer's ignorance over recent events involving Men's Rights afficionado Elliot Rodgers, his "Was it over a divorce?" really is telling. Manipulative creep.