Gay men and skinny fashion models

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Gay men and skinny fashion models



I have spent many hours trying to find arguments against a widespread belief, that gay men in the fashion industry are largely to blame, for skinny fashion models. I have been unable to find any arguments against this belief.


Are there arguments FOR this belief?


From what I understand, from friends who actually follow fashion, is that it's largely the designers. I don't know if most of the designers are mostly gay men, and I don't believe they're representative of gay men in general. The designers see their clothes as an art form, and for them it's about pushing boundaries. It's about making pretty clothes. I was very surprised when told this, I thought it was about making clothes that look good on someone or make someone look good. But to the designer, it's not about the person wearing the clothes.

It's not all fashion models who are "skinny". Look up the models in the underwear and perfume ads in cosmo for example, they're just "slim". It's the catwalk models who are skinny, for whom you can see the details of their spinal chord and their rib cage.

Back in the 1960s, before marylin monroe's career went under way, some told her she was too fat.

One's thing for certain, it's not about women being objectified to suit the tastes of heterosexual men. Type [i]skinny catwalk model [/i] into a google image search to see for yourself.



Originally posted by jrose:
[b]Are there arguments FOR this belief?[/b]

The perception photographers, designers, and stylists are mostly gay men.

It's obvious these are the people responsible.

As I stated above, I don't know if they're mostly gay, and don't think it's fair to use language that implies they're representative of gay men.

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This thread is offensive.


I agree.

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