Getting fed up with the idea that Feminism is written in stone.

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Getting fed up with the idea that Feminism is written in stone.

 I've read a number of put downs here & on other boards about what is/who is legitimately "Feminist".

Who is to judge? Do we need a judge?

 One person suggested that an article not be printed at all on Rabble, because the author's observations didn't jive with what the critic thought was legitimately Feminist.

 So, comments & editorials must conform to a formula? They must be vetted for the right words, comments, & opinions? How 'male' have we become? Do we need a secret handshake?

 Well that certainly takes all the fun & individuality out of it. (But I think some of the puritans among us don't really Like Fun! It's evil, & frivilous & not at all Dead Serious! Some of us really like being Deadly Serious. It makes us feel all important & infallable, like the Pope.)

 Feminism used to be about Choices. If anybody remembers: "Free to be, You & Me."

 There absolutely seems to be a generation gap between Feminists of each decade, & we are not understanding each other well enough to be cohesive, or at times even civil.

 Now, I'm not sure what much of current Feminism seems to be about except who can pee higher on the pole. Not only is that a male image, but it's a counter productive one at that.

 Lots'a peeing, with few results. Do we need 'famous spokeswomen'? Is that too elitist? Is it outdated? Do we see reporters clammering for stories & quotes from any Feminist lately? Do they need to?


 Maybe the deafening quiet around Feminist issues in the mainstream media, has something to do with the inertia that comes from supposedly filling a quota. Or maybe it has to do with petty arguments among women about who is or isn't a Feminist? As long as stories about mass rape in Africa, & the attack on our reproductive rights are safely relegated to page 6 by big media, we need to have a strong voice. But we seem to have lost that voice.

 As the Roseanne Barr article pointed out, it's a lot easier for women to be part of Our problem, than be part of Our solution.


Women still compete with each other endlessly, & the things we compete for today are often just as stupid as the things we gleefully backstabbed over many decades ago. We still demand a kind of blanket conformity that does work well with creativity & innovation.

 The things that we truly Need are just as elusive as ever, but they should not be. Clean water, food, decent shelter, freedom from violence, education, intellectual freedom, employment & business opportunities are still not there for most women on this planet, & I'm not just talking about the 3rd. World.

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