Help! I need Feminist Button Slogans

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Help! I need Feminist Button Slogans



Our feminist women's group has recently purchased a buttonmaker.
We plan to wear and sell them and will develope a set of button categories for different public round tables, speaker events amd educational projects that we do.
I have been on the web and found some good ones---I'm really hoping to find more funny ones that aren't american.
The more that I work on feminist projects, the harder it is for me to laugh.
" Hey BUSH, stay out of mine!" is funny, but not for us.
Any ideas? , any old ones?
We will also be doing buttons on the environment, social statements as well.
Just throw them my way and let's have a bit of fun!


I saw a couple recently that I thought were funny, if not exactly "new":

Get your rosaries off my ovaries

Get your theology off my biology


oooo! I wish I'd had those to pass out a few weeks ago.

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I'll be post-feminist in the post-patriarchy.

Against abortion? Don't have one.

All the cool girls are lesbians.

This is what a feminist looks like.

Stop violence against women.

Your silence will not protect you - Audre Lorde

Girls will do girls.

What part of NO! don't you understand?

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Check out these sites that sell buttons and bumperstickers for other ideas.

[url=]kersplebedeb feminist buttons[/url]

[url=] Not all their buttons are feminist but they are VERY funny.[/url]


"unattended children will be given expresso and a free kitten!"
that's from the ephemera site and although not feminist, perfect from an ex small business owners point of view! I'm sure that we can sell a few of those.

I did find "when we mixed with politics,
Women got burned at the stake!
thanks for the sites

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Mythology Beliefs Cannot Trump The
Environment, or Human Rights.

Keep your head out of the clouds and back on the earth, it needs you more than God!

Yes, Equality Rights Means You!

No one can compell another against their will!

Heaven Can Wait, Humanity Can't.

Violence is Not a Given!

Peace Through Equality!

Equality, Try It Out, You May Like It!

Equality, The Right That Keeps On Giving!

Capitalism, The Great Life Destroyer!

Less Attention To The Business Climate, and More On Climate Change!

Less Attention To The Business Climate and More on Human Rights!

Self Reflection Is Free, Use It!

Freedom Is, It Is Just That Simple!

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Feminism:[i]n[/i] the radical belief that women are people

Uppity Women: done with warm and fuzzy (that's the slogan we're going with for an IWD breakfast - picked by a friend of mine after a 5 minute rant by yours truly over the whole "niceness" plan for the breakfast)

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Keep Your Eyes on the Equality Prize.

Inequality Punishes the World, Not Just You!

Love Yourself, Love Equality, Its Good for You!

My Mind, My Body, My Rights!


wow! Most of these are new to me and fabulous, thanks.

martin dufresne

Dare I suggest the ACLU*'s infamously funny line of [url=]PUSHING BUTTONS[/url]?
It even has the McGill Women's Union historical in-your face slogan: "Pornography - Look at How you Look at Her"...

*Always Causing Legal Unrest

martin dufresne



Uppity Women: done with warm and fuzzy

Is that "done" or "down"? [img]confused.gif" border="0[/img]

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Originally posted by martin dufresne:
[b]Francesca, Is that "done" or "down"? [img]confused.gif" border="0[/img] [/b]

d-o-n-e done as in finished

martin dufresne

OK. (I'll live, I guess...)
BTW, a treasure trove of feminist quotes on every possible subject is this book from 20 years back: [url=, Bluestockings & Crones[/url], by Cheris Kamarae and Paula A. Treichler, available used from $0.34 on the Web

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