Her Depot: Is this for real?

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Her Depot: Is this for real?



[url=http://www.dollymix.tv/2007/10/her_depot_new_home_depot_aims.html]"Her Depot": new Home Depot aims to please the ladies[/url]





Oh barf!

The Wizard of S...

"Grody"?? I always KNEW Michelle was a Val back in the day! Awesome. Totally awesome.


Gag me! [img]wink.gif" border="0[/img]


So like they sell hammers with instruction manuals and stuff, right? *ducks and runs*


my "Websense" filter at work has blocked the link for "adult content. [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img]

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It does use the word "vagina" and that's pretty vulgar if you're a web-bot-censor or a conservative.


In addition to a shopping space that's "clean and neat" the way ladies like it, has mood lighting, and is stocked with flower-printed storage bins, I totally expect the sale of products like this:

[url=http://www.lillianvernon.com/catalog/product_display.jsp?pdId=1533]Tool set for women[/url]

After all, studies say that women like pink! [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img]

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if it keeps my wife from redecorating from out of WalMart I'm all for it.

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bitwhy's and company this is the feminist forum, can we please keep that type of language out of here ?
As for the article, the only thing I could find on their american corporate website is this :[url=http://www.homedepotclinics.com/dih/?utm_source=DIH_OCT07_THD-home]web page[/url] and this [url=http://corporate.homedepot.com/wps/portal/EXPO_Design_Center]store[/url], the first which I think is rather nifty becasue it's empowering through education (and getting more clients of course.



Originally posted by Pride for Red Dolores:
[b]bitwhy's and company this is the feminist forum, can we please keep that type of language out of here ?...[/b]

that was no lady

that was my wife

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BitWhys you're being a sexist troll. Stop.



Originally posted by bigcitygal:
[b]BitWhys you're being a sexist troll. Stop.[/b]

what's the problem here?

my wife decorates out of WalMart and I've got the three foot tall plaster of paris lighthouse in my living room to prove it.

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That the feminism forum should be hijacked for male yuks once again does not surprise me. However, this marketing idea does have a highly gendered component. When I was a young'un you went to the "lumber yard" at your peril, where you would have to confront an irritated clerk who wondered why you didn't know a 2'x4' from a 4'x4' and didn't know the difference between different grades of lumber and didn't have the time or interest to tell you before they scribbled out an unreadable work order. Then you had to drive around the back, where a cutter would sneer at your Mazda wankel rotary engine car and cut your pieces and thrown them at upi while he spitted out sawdust at your feet while you tried to shove them somehow between the badly tilting seats and the rear compartment (with the plastic 'third door' tilting wildly.

The big box department stores offered you the luxury of taking the time to actually look at the wood you thought you wanted to buy before selling it to you at widly inflated prices, and offered at least the mirage of some reasonably friendly customer help.

However, this took off to move to other special services like self service bathroom and kitchen renovation etc. which opened up the vista of many shoppers who were not merely uninformed men who wanted to play at being a doityourselfer.

Its merely the logical progression of this marketing ploy. It will fail, as they realize that female shoppers, not unlike the dynamics of the stereotypical gender roles of asking for directions, have already taken the reins and learned enough to return to the surly play with the invoice servers.


I've never stepped inside Home Depot and rarely inside a hardware store. That's my wife's area of expertise "inherited" from her father. We just had Home Depot retile our shower and Ms. C. managed it from start to finish.


Yeah, my mom's a total do-it-yourselfer too, although she's not the type to redecorate for the sake of redecorating all the time - she just does it when it really needs doing, and she's darn good at it.

I sent her the link to this by e-mail and she completely scoffed at it. She says there are already tons of decorating stores out there.


So is somebody going to tell me what I said that was so terrible?

The Wizard of S...

I think it's not so much what you said, but the 1950s way in which you said it. But hey, what do I know? If I had my way, it'd still be 1977. I'd have flare leg trousers, clogs, a big fro, gold chains and my wide lapels would be open so everyone could dig on my chest hair. Funky.


bitter reality.

Like when I got the Afro to go with the polyester print shirt. I looked like me mom. I prefer to think I was turned onto punk early.

Unlike what I would have done if I'd noticed the subforum this thing is in because I'll never know for sure.

although I have my suspicions.

and actually, the lighthouse isn't all that cheesy anyways.

martin dufresne

In Quebec, a local franchise hardware chain trumped their big name competitors by acknowledging that both women and men were into home improvements. They not only tilted their advertising away from the He-Man-With-Hammer model, but hired a 50% female sales staff, something unheard of before in Hardwareland. Yeah, RoNa!