How to post in the feminism forum

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How to post in the feminism forum

The following is a work in progress. It is a good guide in general for posting on babble, but in particular in the feminism forum and the other "walking the talk" forums.


An excellent self-check guide, via Summer:

Summer wrote:
Are your posts concise?  Do you avoid posting several times in a row?  Do you read most of the posts in a thread before posting yourself?   Do you avoid fighting?  Do you avoid repeating yourself?  Do you answer questions other posters have asked?  Do you ask yourself whether other people are going to be interested in your post before you post it?  Do you try to keep your posts related to the topic?  Do you avoid derailing threads by bringing political debates into issues that were not originally framed as partisan or political?  Do you give other posters the benefit of the doubt?  Do you ask for clarification when you don’t understand something in a post?  Do other posters give you positive feedback about your posts?  Do other posters seem interested in what you are posting?  Is it rare for you to get negative comments about the way in which you post?   Do other posters usually understand what you were trying to say?  Do you admit when you have made a mistake?  Do you think about what other people are saying?