Hugo Schwyzer takes early retirement.

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Hugo Schwyzer takes early retirement.

Article by Kat Stoeffl


Feminist blogger Hugo Schwyzer quit the Internet yesterday. Writing on his personal website, the Pasadena City College professor of history and gender studies said that he needed a hiatus in order to prioritize his “fragile” mental health and his relationship to his wife and his children, but his anguish was underscored by intellectual defeat. “I’m done,” he wrote. “I surrender the field to the critics who wanted me gone from feminist spaces.”


If you don't know who he is, you might be better of not knowing. If you still care to find out, then google is your friend, as they say.

I know he was a controversial figure in academic feminism (or feminism generally for that matter) and he had his supporters. But I can't say I'm sorry he's made this decision. I never had a very high opinion of him and he held some very questionable beliefs and opinions. And it's typical how he signs off on his "surrender" with that pathetic, passive-aggressive 'poor me' whinge.

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The guy complains about a "culture of fierceness" and "cruelty" on the internet, but when he himself was making posts like "I used to have sex with students in my office", and "I tried to kill my girlfriend", well, he was pretty much placing the target on his own chest.

And granted, it's an open question whether he really was this wild-eyed badass, or he just wanted everyone to think he was. Either way, a dubious candidate to represent any social movement. My guess is he'll end up writing a "male feminist gone alpha" type column for Maxim or something.

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Schwyzer has always specialized in self-absorbed "dry drunk" behaviour.  This is no different.  I never bought him as a wild-eyed bad-ass (or any other variety of badass), always just thought he was a self-centred twerp.

There *is* fierceness in feminism.  It would be nice if there didn't need to be - but we're not there yet. 


What Timebandit said. I wish feminism didn't need to be fierce, but it does, because for every step forward for women we get hammered back with an exponentially greater backlash. Schwyzer is ill and addicted and has a very compromised moral compass. Even so, he is allowed his opinions, but I wouldn't label him a feminist. A self-flagellating born-again male feminist with an overwhelming need for attention, yes. True feminist? No.

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Well guess what? As it turns out, HS has been sleepiing with his students all this time, even after he told everyone he stopped.


“Until recently, I maintained that I had stopped having sex with students enrolled in my classes in 1998. That is not true; I started sleeping with students again in 2008, well before my psychiatric breakdown of earlier this year.


Now how long will it before jokes about him start proliferating on the internet?


Q: How do you know when Hugo Schwyzer is lying?

A: His lips are moving.


"I stopped having sex with students...I started sleeping with students."  I'm curious about the logistics of this.  Does he do this serially?  As a group activity?  Does he post a calendar on his door for students to sign up--Friday at 11 am, and so forth?  How does it work with people like this?  I wondered who on earth would sleep with him, so I googled him, and he's not as creepy-looking as I thought he might be--he's actually quite good looking.  But internally, seriously creepy....


He also has a serious psych disorder - bipolar disorder. One symptom of the disorder is: Behaving impulsively and taking part in a lot of pleasurable,
high-risk behaviors, such as spending sprees, impulsive sex, and impulsive business investments.

See Bipolar Disorder

See here: PCC porn professor admits to having sex with students on campus

In an interview Thursday night from the Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula, Schwyzer also said he’d been on a “manic high” for two days prior to his confession.

“I want people to have compassion for me and to recognize that if they are frustrated or angry with me I did ... things because I am sick,” he said. “I’m a fraud.”

I am not making excuses for his behaviour but figured to check the links in the article posted above. Particularly with this disclosure in the article:

Schwyzer reached out to the media from a mental health facility he checked himself into after his latest internet confession.)

And he's going for a pysch disability. At the end of the day, individuals are responsible for their actions especially after diagnosis.



Self Protection 101:

this is one to take a pass on filling myself on what I have "missed"

but i think i've seen enough to be more than willing to sign his disability app