It's the girls' fault?

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It's the girls' fault?

I don't know where to begin....
There's no "male" program to teach them not to sexually assault girls...


There is a thread open on this here


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ok...didn't see


Don't go there, Francesca, without a bulletproof vest.

martin dufresne

Pshaw!... Francesca, you will find that project's description both on the Status of Chattel thread and on Delacourt's disinforming blog item at the Star. Also on Bread&Roses where discussion is heads&shoulders above what we have ben treated to on Babble.

The project description explicitly says that male youths will be invited to participate in the project. It just makes sense that awareness-raisng be done from young women's perspective - even if that freaks out liberals.


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Closing, please continue to discuss on the other thread.

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