Launch of a Toolkit for Rural Action on Poverty

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Launch of a Toolkit for Rural Action on Poverty


(Not sure if this belongs in Feminism or in Activism, I will let those in the know move if they so chose)

While this resouces is geared to 'rural' I think the information is relevant to all. Free to download too!

Counting Women In - Launch of a Toolkit for Rural Action on Poverty


On Friday August 14th at 10:00 am the Rural Women Take Action on Poverty Committee, and the United Way of Bruce Grey is launching Counting Women In: A Toolkit for Rural Action on Poverty.  The toolkit is the culmination of eight years of community research and development to bring attention to the specific issues for women and rural communities dealing with poverty.


The strategies and tools in the Counting Women In Toolkit were developed and piloted in Grey, Bruce, Huron and Perth counties over the past three years.  Hundreds of people in the four counties from all walks of life and perspectives contributed to the resources in the toolkit.  They shared a common wish to make the issue of poverty and its impact on rural women, children and communities more visible and to build hope for change. As one woman involved in the pilot said, "I do not believe we have even begun to realize how much poverty is out there."


The coordinator of the project Colleen Purdon said "We hope this toolkit engages women, local organizations, municipal governments and rural communities in action.  We believe the toolkit can help people build a better understanding of the realities of poverty.  It's a resource to change some unhelpful attitudes and beliefs and to support innovative and positive action to reduce and end rural poverty.  Poverty is closely linked to rural decline, and many people in rural communities are vulnerable.  Poverty has a hugely negative impact on individuals, and on the future of rural communities, so action is critical."


The Counting Women In Toolkit will be available at the launch on Friday August 14th at 10:00am at the United Way of Bruce Grey.  It will also be posted on and


"Poverty is a condition that one can get out of with the right tools and assistance," said a participant in the project.  The Counting Women In Toolkit provides some strategies to help rural communities remain good places to live for everyone, regardless of their economic status.


For Further information contact:

Colleen Purdon (519) 376-7145 [email protected]

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Great to see this moving forward!!!!

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rural Francesca this is amazing, thank you for posting this. 

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It's been an ordeal to get this into print.  Over two years, 3 different funders oodles of paperwork and the sheer determination of those involved.

We're so thrilled to finally see it out.