March for Life Uses Gov Canada Wordmark

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March for Life Uses Gov Canada Wordmark


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Was reading over [url=] here[/url] at "breadnroses" about [url= old hippie's[/url] video of the March for Life showing that the banner used had the Gov Canada wordmark logo on it.

Now, this pretty much gives lie to the notion they are having 'new' Reform Party, eh, cause the dominionists are upset?! Hardly, when they appear to be getting the use of Canada's logo.

unrepententant old hippie really lays the scene out. Definitely worth the read, and definitely worth actioning against.

[url= the comments section, Jim Elve of Blogs Canada tells his story about unauthorized use of the wordmark. Jim has an interesting idea: a blogburst about this issue to force the government to publicly state that they do not support the CLC.[/url]

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A new prolife campaign was launched in BC today.

Cute little girl on screen, talking about her hero, then she says and "my hero is my mom, she put her career on hold, she is home for me"...

Then it ends with "every child is wanted"

What about hubby putting his career on hold?

Oh, it also looks like it is a BC gov initiative in part.

It's called Operation BC or something like that.