Mark Robins of MCR INvestigative in Toronto on Sex Workers Bad Date List

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Mark Robins of MCR INvestigative in Toronto on Sex Workers Bad Date List




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Here is the Globe and mail article.

Mark Robins, an investigative consultant, said he e-mailed Sex Professionals of Canada immediately after he found his name listed on the group's "undesirable clients" list more than two years ago.
The website lists his name and links to his company's website.

Mr. Robins said he didn't take legal action against Sex Professionals of Canada because the organization "probably didn't have the funding" to handle a legal battle and Canada's Internet privacy laws "are full of loopholes."

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Are you a feminist? If so, could you please explain what this post has to do with feminism? (Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I want to make sure this isn't posted for the intent of claiming that women are making "false claims". We've gotten a lot of that kind of thing in the past, so the moderators are careful. [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img] )

[url=]P.S. The public, online version of the bad date registry now only includes partial names and phone numbers.[/url]

[url=]SPOC's response to Globe article.[/url]


December 21st, 2007

On December 21, 1985, the communicating law, Section 213 of the Canadian Criminal Code came into existence. Shortly afterwards, our colleagues began disappearing. This law was a gift to sexual predators because it prevented sex workers from working together and sharing vital information. Bad clients soon realized that the federal government and police didn't care. Violence against indoor sex workers increased as well.

Many sex-worker organizations began doing whatever they could to try to keep women safe. Some began distributing bad client lists to street-based sex workers. The lists help, but because most sex work in Canada takes place indoors, the lists only reach a fraction of the people that need them.

Criminologists now know that murderers rarely start by murdering. They often progress from threats to assault and or sexual assault and beyond.

Several years ago, Sex Professionals of Canada (SPOC) began publishing bad client information on this website. This information has helped prevent violence to sex workers throughout the country irrespective of their membership in SPOC.

While we try to ensure the correctness of all information that appears on our site, a recent article pointed out some potential weaknesses with our reporting procedures. The screening policy for the bad date list will be discussed and modified at our next meeting on January 9, 2008.

We believe our list is a valuable tool for sex workers in Canada and will continue to do what we can to help.

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