Misogyny in Eye Weekly

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Misogyny in Eye Weekly


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This was just brought to my attention.

Warning, there are graphic violent and sexual descriptions that are triggering and disturbing.


This week the magazine/newspaper Eye Weekly,
published one of the most awful, idiotic, and sickening articles ever. It was on "Dimitri the Lover", a pick-up artist and guru who teaches
courses to other men. [url=http://www.eyeweekly.com/city/features/article/22843] Link to the Eye article is here[/url]

This man is incredibly misogynist. For example, on [url=http://www.dimitrithelover.com] his website[/url] he openly advocates for men to use anal rape as a form of corporal punishment on their girlfriends or wives. One of his favorite slogans is also "No means maybe" ....

Yet the EYE article, as you can see if you read it, is shockingly uncritical of him.

Check out his website, and if you agree that this man is promoting a dangerous message, one that encourages men to abuse women, than contact EYE
to express yourself:
[email protected]

Publishers of Eye:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Here are some juicy quotes from his website to give you an idea of the kind of stuff this man is promoting:

o From "Reboot Camp" (a course he teaches): "7.We cover powerful mind-control techniques used to "break" a belligerent slut in the same way a wild horse is broken, but instead by using subliminal phrases and socially acceptable corporal punishments, such as ass slapping and erotic anal rape. We cover scientifically-proven techniques used to destroy feminist thoughts and behaviours, substituting them with more acceptable thought patterns. 8.You learn how to use a woman's insecurity to psychologically overpower her and
force her to sexually submit. You are taught how to exercise your natural urges legally by "raping" a woman with your brain rather than your body. And once she is enslaved under your thumb, you learn how to have her beg for more!"

o From "Cult Builder Program" (another course he teaches): " 1.Limited to groups of up to 10 men only 2.We teach only the elite of society the most
powerful techniques of psychological and sexual enslavement

o From "Ten Commandments for Men": "5. I WILL NOT BEAT MY WOMAN (I am not referring to a single slap or a spanking because your woman has been running at the mouth for a half hour non-stop ... I am referring to beating.) 7. I ACCEPT THAT I AM A BORN MURDERER AND RAPIST (You all know you are. You know that nature has bred it into you. The only thing preventing you from acting on your
desires is fear of incarceration. When a man says "I'm going to kill my boss", in the natural world, the boss would be dead. When a woman is bending over to pick up a roast at the grocery store meat department, in the natural world, you'd be lifting up her skirt, pulling down her panties, and pounding her full of tube steak. We are fighting our natural urges on a daily basis.)"

o From "The Ten Commandments for Women": "4. I WILL SUBMIT TO MY MAN OUTSIDE OF THE BEDROOM (In the bedroom, you're boss ... your pleasure is first and foremost. But outside the bedroom, let your man be a man. Never put him down in front of other people, even jokingly.) 6. I ACCEPT THAT MY MAN IS A BORN MURDERER AND RAPIST, AND I WILL NOT PROVOKE HIM (Your man is a ticking time bomb. Don't yell at him, nag him, treat him like garbage, etc. A REAL man can take only so much, and could explode at a moment's notice.)"

o On cheating - It's ok for men to cheat, but what about for women?: "However, since it is unhealthy for a man to worship a woman, it follows that being FAITHFUL to her is not healthy for a man. However, for a relationship to be solid, A WOMAN MUST WORSHIP HER MAN. Therefore, FEMALE FAITHFULNESS is MANDATORY."

o Relationship advice for women: "Men always treat their dogs better than their women. Want to be your man's best friend? Want to receive treats? Want to be caressed passionately? Want to be cuddled? Want your man to feel bad leaving
you at home alone? Want to be taken out for daily romantic walks? Then give him dog-like submission!"

o ""Anal rape" administered on one's spouse or girlfriend as a form of punishment when she has displayed a bad attitude, has a virtually 100% success rate in correcting the problem. Also, if your woman submits to the occasional firm ass fucking, you will have complete control over her, guaranteed."

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Un fucking believable, what is this Eye Weekly magazine anyway?

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It's a weekly newspaper in Toronto that poses as a progressive and alternative news source like NOW Magazine, but is owned by the Toronto Star and has what appears to be first year journalism students as features writers.


Apparently fresh out of UWO.

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Ken Burch

I can't believe anybody would publish shit like that.

Any response to your letter to these idiots?

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As far as I am concerned, they are spreading hate against women. I am composing a letter, but am too furious, at this and what has been happening happening to day in the feminist forum to do so yet!

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remind: I am composing a letter, but am too furious, at this and what has been happening happening to day in the feminist forum to do so yet!

Please have a read of my description of [i]the needler[/i] in [url=http://www.rabble.ca/babble/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic&f=47&t=000007]the following thread. [/url] It might be useful to you.

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Eye Weekly's response to reader complaints. Arrogant and idiotic:


He’s an asshole. Duh

April 09, 2008

Last week, our cover package took a brief look at the growing “seduction community” of men who take advice from various self-proclaimed gurus on how to score with women. The main feature was a “Portrait of a pickup artist,” a profile of one of the gurus of manly prowess, a guy calling himself Dimitri the Lover, who has been attracting attention with seemingly ridiculous posters and handbills around the city.

When we saw his ads offering advice on how to “approach romantically shell shocked sluts,” and take advantage of “psychologically weak women,” we thought — who the fuck is this guy? And can he possibly be for real with this crap?

Enter EYE WEEKLY writer Alex Molotkow, a woman who had been hit on by Dimitri himself. She went to find out what he was all about, hung out with him, talked to others about him, and came back with the resulting story.

Following the ages-old journalism adage that it is better to show than to tell, she resisted the impulse to climb on her soapbox and instead let her notebook do the talking. In the story, we learn that he’s a former medical doctor who lost his licence for sexual impropriety with patients. He doesn’t deny the offence, instead attempting to justify his abuse of his position by saying that he was “horned up” and his wife was frigid.


Really: if the women and men who have written us in high dudgeon have actually read the story and come away with the impression that it promotes or endorses this misogynist perv, they require remedial reading classes more than they require an explanation from us.

[url=http://www.eyeweekly.com/city/editorialdigest/article/23669]Editorial in Eye weekly last week[/url]


"Dmitri the Lover" is looney-tunes and was locally notorious to the extent that Eye didn't really have to spell it out. It was a "Whatever happened to..." article. Apparently not much different has happened.

martin dufresne

I routinely destroy stacks of free weekend magazines when they publish stuff like this in Montreal. Don't just dump them in a nearest trash can, discreetly pour something translucent and sticky over them to go for that EWWWWWW reflex...
Writing to their main advertisers to explain why you are sorry to have to stop using their products is also good. It's best done along with your Facebook crowd, office colleagues, extended family...

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blake 3:17

I thought the Dmitri the Lover article pretty hilarious. Eye called it right. TWB checked it out, and it was no biggie. Just a freakin loser.


Eye misogynist?

I thought the 12 pages of prostitutes/escorts in the back was evidence enough of that. Now is the same thing. They try to pretend that they are cutting edge and PC, but in the end, they'll take money from anyone willing to pay.

You think they would turn down Wal-Mart's money? I doubt it.