The Miss G Gender Studies Course arrives in Ontario!

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martin dufresne
The Miss G Gender Studies Course arrives in Ontario!

Dearest Everyone,

It is with great pleasure and deep honour that we present to you, at long last, the result of all our collective labour, the fruit of our feminist-activist loins: The final draft of the Ontario-wide GENDER STUDIES COURSE!!!

It is now online for you to read, review, and give the Min your feedback:

This piece of province-wide, senior-level curriculum (nestled cozily in a suite of new equity courses) has been nearly five-years in the asking/making, and is -- in our humble opinion -- a thing of beauty. It has been run through every test the Ministry could throw at it -- including several rounds of scrutiny by yours truly (the Miss G_ steering committee), and a pilot run in several schools across the province. It has thus faced and passed the ultimate test: the judicious eye of high school students. It has been drafted, drawing-boarded, tweaked, re-tweaked, projected through simulator wind-tunnels for aerodynamic endurance and agility, and is now ready to face the world. That is, YOU.

We are proud as punch to see the actual, for-serious WGS course in the flesh and ready for implementation. We anticipate that this will be a fantastic resource and space for discussion for students of all genders -- boys, girls, and everyone in between -- though of course it's only the beginning, rather than the end, of our effort to make education more equitable and accessible for all students.

Please take a few moments to survey the Gender Studies course that has come into the world thanks to all of your hard work and Ministry/government/media-pestering abilities! Let the Ministry of Ed know what you think and feel free to offer them props and kudos for listening to your demands and making this a reality.

Yours ever,
The G__ Squad

The Miss G__ Project
for Equity in Education