Montreal International Women's Conference: 13-16 August 2010

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Montreal International Women's Conference: 13-16 August 2010


13-16 August, Montreal
Montreal International Women's Conference
for a global militant women's movement in the 21st century

Women from five continents will gather in Montreal August 13-16, 2010 to discuss building a global militant women' s movement in the 21st century! The conference will culminate in the formation of an International Women's Alliance.

We have much to learn from each other, much to share: analyses, experiences of struggle and resistance, victories large and small. And we have 100 years of experience of the modern women's movement to draw from.

Topics that will be covered in presentation and workshops:

"Moving forward the militant global women's movement in the 21st century"
"Imperialist globalization and its impact on women"
"Women's resistance to oppression and exploitation"
"Building alternatives"

"Women workers fighting exploitation"
"Women and migration"
"Women fighting racism, discrimination and genocide"
"The struggles of indigenous women"
"Women resisting wars and imperialist aggressions"
"Women and religion"
"Women's sexual orientation and identities"
"Women and health"
"Violence against women"
"Women's experiences with socialism and national liberation movements"
"Women resisting developmental aggression"
"Women from the peasantry/rural lands"

Speakers include: Ramona Africa (USA), Parvin Ashrafi (Canada), Edith Ballantyne (Geneva), Fatima Burnad (India), Julie Caguiat (Philippines), Gada Mahrouse (Canada), Maria del Carmen Valadez Perez (Mexico), Rajashri Dasgupta (India), Ellen Gabriel (Quebec Native Women's Federation), Teresa Gutierrez (USA), Wahu Kaara (Kenya), Amira Ali Lidasan (Philippines), Shahrzad Mojab (Canada), Shree Mulay (Canada), Aminata Traore (Mali), Hsiao-Chuan Hsia (Taiwan), Fatima Burnad (India), Azra Talat Sayeed (Pakistan)

Be there. Be heard. Be a part of it.

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Details and more information here

Hosted by Women of Diverse Origins, Montreal [of which SAWCC is a member]
Convenors also include Gabriela Philippines, Action Network for Marriage Migrants Rights and Empowerment (AMMORE), Asian Rural Women's Network and other representatives of women's and other organizations from around the world.


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