MP gives Queen's Jubilee medals to anti-choice terrorists

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MP gives Queen's Jubilee medals to anti-choice terrorists

Looks like Harper's throwing another bone to the social conservatives in his base, and maybe testing the waters:

Two convicted criminals, one of them still serving time, have been awarded Queen's Diamond Jubilee medals by a Conservative MP.


"Unlike the justice minister, Vellacott was unable to award these medals to the victims of crime, because these baby victims are dead, so instead the award to those 'heroines of humanity' Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons who are trying to protect defenceless, voiceless human beings in the womb from butchery and death, and trying to let vulnerable women know that there are other options and support and adoption possibilities," Vellacott said in his statement. "It's what you would expect in a caring compassionate society."

Vellacott continued, "It's a pretty upside down world when we honour abortionists like Henry Morgentaler for killing over 5,000 babies and imprison precious women, like Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons, who try to save babies from such savagery. They are the real heroes of humanity!"

Wagner is being held at the prison for women at Milton, Ont. and is awaiting trial for violating the terms of her probation. She was arrested in August for entering an abortion clinic in Toronto, after being arrested last November for entering another Toronto clinic where she had been arrested twice before.

So what's Harper up to? Is he laying the groundwork for another legislative stab at limiting abortion rights, or what?


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Serious response: What the fucking hell fuck?!?!

Non-serious response:


More than likely Harper is just allowing some of his more self-important caucus members a chance to blow off a bit of steam and imagine they have some independence, and draw some attention away from him. 

The bit of coverage I heard on this today focused on the fact the award recipients were in jail, which is a bit of a red herring.

I think Vellacott's record on this and other issues speaks for itself. Same goes for his neighbour Brad Trost, so I don't expect this will be the only case of this award being used as a soapbox like this.

Though considering that Kelly Block had over 400 people in front of her constituency office last Saturday protesting her pamphlet attacking refugee claimants as health benefit fraudsters, there may be a limit to how much attention Harper wants.


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So, were these medals vetted by anyone? Apparently not. One would expect the Governmor General's office to do some vetting - no?


In an unusual step, when the Conservative government created the medal in 2011, it designated more than 200 non-governmental “partner organizations” as nominators. Canadian senators and Members of Parliament like Vellacott were also given 30 medals to award to anyone they see fit. They are supposed to submit their nomination lists to the Governor General’s Chancellery of Honours at Rideau Hall for vetting, then are sent the medals to hand out themselves.

Rideau Hall says it won’t provide a full list of recipients until the program concludes on February 28. But it is uncertain if the list it eventually publishes will match the name of the recipient to the nominee. This is an important point when you consider that groups with political interests such as the Canadian Taxpayers Federation are among the partner organizations, and that there have been some nakedly political nominations.  Conservative Party campaign manager Jenni Byrne, for example, received one of the medals, but we don’t know who nominated her.


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Oh okay, I get it. They're like Nobel Peace Prizes.


Maysie wrote:

Oh okay, I get it. They're like Nobel Peace Prizes.


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Or Conrad Black  Sealed


Seeing that the bar has been adjusted to allow for special recognition of criminals, I see no reason why as a news organization, or any of us really, shouldn't lobby our MPs to nominate the group of G20 political prisoners for the Queen's medal.

ETA:  Oops.  Didn't notice where the topic was.