New anti-choice tactics from our creepy Southern neighbours

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martin dufresne
New anti-choice tactics from our creepy Southern neighbours


martin dufresne

Ms. Magazine reports on a new tactic from the anti-choice creeps that are always on ther lookout for new ways of forcing women into unwanted pregnancies: in Kansas, Operation Rescue uses a 120-yr old law to try and force a blanket judicial inquiry into the medical files of every past client of an abortion provider, Dr. Stiller. They have been photographing these women approaching his office with high-powered telephoto lenses these past years.

Another anti-choice gaggle of geeks, the American Life League, has embarked on a disinformation propaganda campaign that tries to present The Pill as an abortifacient -- it simply "kills pre-born babys earlier".

And in Canada, of course, Bill C-484 remains on a merry road across Parliamentary hurdles toward a third reading where the Liberal Party of Canada still refuses to whip a vote against this initiative of a Conservative backbencher (Ken Epp) that would give fetuses legal personhood.

Have you written the Grits to let them know how you feel about that? Have you told everyone you know to do the same? Please. [url=]"Oppose Bill C-484" Organizing Tips[/url]

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Too bad these fuckers did not care for the actual living.