Okay so we don't bind our feet but...

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Okay so we don't bind our feet but...






The question has gained international attention, and is currently being raised by a group of female workers in Israel. El Al airlines has a new dress code whereby all female flight attendants have to wear high heels until passengers are boarded and seated.

Under an old policy, El Al female flight attendants were required to wear high heels at the airport, but could change into flats on the plane before passenger boarding. Now El Al wants them to stay in high heels throughout the boarding process.

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El Al says the directive to wear “presentable shoes” is standard in aviation worldwide, but the workers union of El Al instructed its female flight attendants Tuesday to ignore the new directive.

The union said the airline’s stance was “aggressive” and that the policy would impact the flight attendants’ safety and health. Female Israeli lawmakers and a women’s group have called on El Al to dump the policy.

Back in Alberta, Gora says she’s read the account of a woman who says her doctor’s note was denied when she tried to get out of wearing high heels for her shift.



The 35-year-old woman had been assigned to emptying some lower kitchen cupboards and spent several hours squatting down. She remembered her jeans had felt increasingly tight as the day went on and her legs getting tingly.

By the time she left that evening, she could barely feel her feet. While trying to walk home through a park, she tripped and fell. Unable to stand, it took her several hours to crawl to a nearby road and hail down help....

"The proteins can potentially damage the kidneys so she had to be on an IV drip to help flush those out. Fortunately, she didn't suffer any kidney damage," he said.

The woman's damaged nerves left her unable to walk unassisted for four days, when she was finally allowed to go home.