OMG! What if Danica beat some guy up!

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OMG! What if Danica beat some guy up!


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ESPN worrying about some guy having to turtle to Danica. I thought she looked cool ready to scrap.


Hey RevPlease, not sure who Danica is, or what this has to do with feminism...could you expand on this?


It's areference to Danica Patrick being extremely upset after being knocked out of the Indy 500 on Sunday and heading towards the pit area of the driver who knocked her out of the race. She was stopped by security. Later she said it was probably a good thing she was stopped.

That explanation aside, Michelle, when are you going to do sometning about RevolutionPlease?

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Originally posted by Michelle:
[b]...not sure who Danica is...[/b]

He's referring to the race car driver, [url=]Danica Patrick[/url]

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I thought it was about yogurt. [img]wink.gif" border="0[/img] And this is in the feminist forum why? And with Sven posting in it too. :bigeyes:


I sure didn't know what the hell it was about. RP, a story about two highly competitive sports figures getting testy with each other does not belong in the feminism forum just because one of them happens to be a woman.

Sven, just because this is a total non-story doesn't mean we appreciate your testing limits. One of these days you'll fail the test and that will be it.

I'm closing this. If anyone thinks this sports story is of interest to babblers they can post it elsewhere.

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