The oppression of women in Canada

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The oppression of women in Canada


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Hi Pondering, what happened to your post?


That Canadian women do not suffer as much as women elsewhere in world is not something to brag about. I am happy we are not stoned or forced to wear shrouds but we are not liberated. Women continue to be oppressed in Canada.


This is as good an article as any to kick things off.

Research shows that most people don't see sexism even when it's right in front of their noses.

"Women endorse sexist beliefs, at least in part, because they do not attend to subtle, aggregate forms of sexism in their personal lives," wrote Julia C. Becker and Janet K. Swim, the authors of this study about the invisibility of sexism. "Many men not only lack attention to such incidents but also are less likely to perceive sexist incidents as being discriminatory and potentially harmful for women."

How do you think about and respond to these 10 examples?


Sean in Ottawa

Excellent article. Well organized and explained. I agree this should be required reading. This should be discussed in families.
I accept the statement that both men and women are often unaware of sexism that is right in front of them. Still, it is fair to acknowledge that any structures or behaviours that oppress women are more likely to be observed by women and missed by men. Men will have to pay more attention and thought than women to understand the point of this article. It is worth the trouble. And with some awareness it is not that difficult to see specific examples in daily life. These examples can be resisted and a difference made. You start with yourself and then your kids.

To try to answer your question-- I agree with all ten examples.

There are more of course as well. Consider how key qualities are illustrated in in our culture and ingrained in our imagination- imagine seeing concepts in pictures. Consider the gender biases. Take a moment and enter some of these concepts into google and hit images. You can come up with many I am sure -- Strength. Leadership. Compassion. Rich. Top. You will see an illustration of how our very modern culture is loaded with gender bias.

So taking the first 20 pictures that showed a gender for each key word in images

Attractive -- first 20 pictures 16 were women 4 were men

Successful -- first 20 pictures 4 were women 16 were men

Strength -- first 20 pictures 2 were women 18 were men

Doctor -- first 20 pictures 2 were women 18 were men

Scientist -- first 20 pictures 3 women 17 men

Artist -- there you will see more women being painted by men than women as the artist

I am not saying this is a perfect study but it is one you can do yourself that may do a quick survey or cultural gender-bias in illustration. Google is the prime portal for how many millions of people? What message is this sending?


Here is another example of the oppression of women in Canada.

Canada is a tolerant country; we usually go out of our way to make visitors welcome. But the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) went way too far when it reportedly told female border guards at Pearson airport to step aside so a group of Hindu priests could avoid all contact with women.

According to CBC News, the five visiting priests made their request because they are “sadhus,” whose religious beliefs require them to avoid women — and the agency acquiesced.

This is an outrageous decision. Cultural beliefs and sensitivities must be respected, but they don’t trump human rights in Canada. This didn’t involve body searches, simply routine questioning. The female guards were upset and offended, and rightly so.


We do need a hierarchy of rights in which human rights trump religious rights.




Yup as far as prison guards, cops, border guards you should not be allowed to 'change' the lineup regardless of the reason, religion, modesty, for strip earch etc.



Bacchus wrote:
Yup as far as prison guards, cops, border guards you should not be allowed to 'change' the lineup regardless of the reason, religion, modesty, for strip earch etc.

I believe strip searches are already same sex based on the common nature of violence perpetrated by men on women. This was not a strip search.


No I knew that, I meant there should be no allowed 'requests' that way. Plus strip searchs should be same sex only which they are not at present, totally


I believe anything considered remotely personal, you will always get an officer of the same gender. Certainly at airports, whether you get frisked or you go through the "naked scanner", it's always a member of your sex who is conducting it. Though, I did get patted down by a female security guard while entering the Blue Jays game yesterday and she even lifted up my shirt and ran her hand along my waistband, which I thought was rather odd. I didn't have a huge problem with it but could certainly see how others would not appreciate being touched that way by a member of the opposite sex.


I agree that men also deserve the dignity of same gender personal checks. In this case it was not an invasive search of any kind, it was just questioning. This is a policy that needs to change.


This is the result of oppression:

A Gatineau, Que.-based porn actress is planning to have sex with 25 men in a single night in order to pay for breast implants.

Zoé Zebra, 22, is set to take part in a so-called "Boule-O-Thon" on Sept. 5.

A Quebec porn producer plans to film the evening and will pay for Zebra's operation in return, said radio station 1310 News.

The event has drawn the ire of Gatineau mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin, who called it "shameful." Le Droit reports that the city is looking for ways to stop the "Boule-O-Thon" from taking place.


Admission to the "Boule-O-Thon" is $15, including masks and condoms.

Zebra said she made the decision to do this herself, and will follow through on it.

Indeed, AD4X spokesman André Grenier told Le Journal de Quebec that Zebra is under contract and she'll have to pay a fee if she cancels.






This is not merely objectifying, it is oppressive.

Edmonton's Lingerie Fighting Championships has signed on Model Behavior host Karmen Moon, who will make her debut in November for LFC20.

There seems to be some very basic lack of comprehension of elementary feminist principles and the harms of sexism.

Little boys get to dream of growing up to be fighters. Little girls must dream of becoming sexy fighters because if they don't have the sexy they are worthless.



Well, actually I think boys dreaming about being fighters in the ring obeys a sexist stereotype about men, and very often is seen as a way out of class and racial oppression. Yes, there is another "layer" of sexism in terms of lingerie wrestling and football.


lagatta wrote:
Well, actually I think boys dreaming about being fighters in the ring obeys a sexist stereotype about men, and very often is seen as a way out of class and racial oppression. Yes, there is another "layer" of sexism in terms of lingerie wrestling and football.

Yes it does, but it reinforces their power and supremacy in other words the partriarchy. Women exhibiting strength must be put back in their proper place as primarily objects for the sexual gratification of men.

It would be really great if men or men's rights groups started rejecting the sea of violence they embrace but so far women have had little success in discouraging men from violence.


The child was conceived while Lamb was a patient at Alberta Hospital, where she has lived in a secure ward since December 2013.

A psychiatrist said he believes Lamb is schizophrenic and suffers from delusions. She is not on her anti-psychotic medication because of her pregnancy.

“Whether it's a caregiver who really was supposed to be taking care of her and not taking advantage of her … or whether it's another patient or inmate – which means the security systems and protections for other patients are not as strong as they need to be – either way, there's a problem there,” said Shanner.

“There needs to be an inquiry into how it's possible, not just that a patient gets pregnant – but that a patient in what's supposed to be a secure lockdown gets pregnant,” she added.

Shanner said the pregnancy raises questions of consent, noting that a severely delusional schizophrenic could not provide informed consent to sex. 




Well, probably because they see sex workers as less than human. They would be utterly furious if some guy did as much as leer at their teenage daughter.(Reminds me of my own absurdly overprotective dad, who couldn't even see that my older brother was beating the shit out of me - so common back then).

Obviously, the solution involves taking complaints by people in the sex trade seriously, but I am not among those who think that sex work can be made safe, as its very premise is using a vulnerable human as an object (with a few upscale exceptions).

Though I think aboliitionists and supporters of the trade can agree to fight such outrages, as we have done in terms of the missing and murdered Indigenous women. And the police and legal system must be pressured to take this outrage seriously.


An outreach group has issued a "red alert" warning to sex-trade workers in the St. John's area after reports of recent sexual assaults, including gang rape and sodomy....

"Sex workers are contacted, then they are transported to a hotel under the understanding that they will be meeting one man for work," the warning said.

According to the outreach group, when a woman arrives at a hotel door, she is "forced into a hotel room where there are several men waiting. Some reports have stated 12 men, other reports have been as high as 20."

The project said it is believed the men are associated with, or working for, a major construction project in the province.

These are not men who are part of a biker gang. They are men who probably have wives and children and morgages. All union men.

The acceptance of rape jokes and view of sex as something men can take from women allows men to "feel each other out" to see who is willing to participate in gang rape. How else do that many men come to an agreement to gang rape a woman?

None of them see themselves as criminals. If and when they are caught they will swear they were behaving out of character, don't know what got into them, etc. Everyone will say what nice guys they are, salt of the earth.


Dalhousie University is investigating what it describes as “deeply disturbing” comments posted online about female students in the Halifax school’s faculty of dentistry.....

In one post, the Facebook page members were polled and asked, “Who would you hate f–k?” and were given two names to vote on, the CBC said.

In another post, a woman was shown in a bikini with the caption “Bang until stress is relieved or unconscious (girl).”

There were also multiple references to women and chloroform on the website.

The group had at least 12 members and the CBC said it is not naming them at this time.

Florizone says the school has postponed remaining fourth-year exams in the faculty of dentistry and will reschedule them in January, citing anxiety that has caused been among students.

How can young men still not know that this is unacceptable. This is rape culture.



Pondering wrote:


The project said it is believed the men are associated with, or working for, a major construction project in the province.

These are not men who are part of a biker gang. They are men who probably have wives and children and morgages. All union men.


It is horrific, but until we know more I am uncomfortable with assumptions about who they are other than we do know for sure they are men.

I see a culture of oppression, I see men trained to be numb to their own vulnerability, I see men rewarded for brutality.  

First we must step out of denial, this is difficult and confusing when men insist they love us, when we are tangled in every way with them, when our children love them, when our livelihoods depend on them......




While the comments on that Facebook group were highly disturbing, the response of President Richard Florizone is equally troubling. In fact, it was announced last night that the University will proceed with a restorative justice process. While some may think it might be an appropriate response to join together both parties in order to come to a mutual agreement on an appropriate punishment, in this particular case -- and in all cases of violence against women -- this route is likely to favour the perpetrators and disappoint or further victimize the female victims. In fact, restorative justice is a depiction of rape culture, where those incidents are not perceived as significant enough to ensure proper punishment.

Restorative justice and violence against women

Imagine for a moment that you have been the target of rape jokes among your classmates, and that you will have to face those same men and discuss the situation with them. Those men who have been writing about "hate fucking" you. Those men who have discuss how penises should be used to convert women into useful member of society. Those men who most likely have a higher than average IQ, who got admitted into a prestigious school and who are supposed to be the future leaders of tomorrow. Those men are smart enough to know that they can always hire one of the best lawyers if things don't go their way.

Given that some women reported in the media that they do not feel comfortable alongside those men on campus, why would they suddenly feel comfortable in a room discussing rape threats that were made against them? Even though it was reported in the media that female students who were targeted by the misogynistic comments chose to go through the process of restorative justice, how much pressure did they feel in order to agree to this procedure? It may or may not have been a legitimate choice on their part, but given that the university is very likely to want to preserve its reputation, to which extent was this decision theirs to make?


Furthermore, how is it that restorative justice is never thought about when it comes to robbery, drug dealing or fraud, but we somehow find it an interesting alternative when it comes to violence against women? Most likely, it's because we assume that the consequences, i.e. loss of money or goods are important enough to make sure that the issue is dealt with in the criminal justice system, but maybe women are not important enough in our society. In this case, we indirectly ask those female students to forgive by agreeing to go through a restorative justice process. This course of action only contributes to maintaining the privileges of those male students. It provides a snapshot of our society which goes to great lengths to preserves the supremacy of men and the subordination of women.


As citizens, a few questions remain to be asked. Do we want those men to graduate? Do we want those men to be in a position of authority with their patients, dental assistants, receptionists? Do we feel comfortable knowing our children or a woman we love is under anesthetics in the care of one of those male dentists?

Personally, I would rather have my teeth falling out than having to spend one minute alone in an office with them. I just wish that Richard Florizone could understand this.

The instant this story came out there were expressions of concern for the men's careers and the investment they had made in school.



Taking steps to fix gender inequality in the workplace could give Canada's economy a $150-billion shot in the arm, a major consultancy says.

In a report published Wednesday morning, the McKinsey Global Institute found that gender inequality in Canadian workplaces isn't just holding women back, it's bad for the economy as a whole.

Even incremental progress in getting more women into managerial positions, high-skill STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields, entrepreneurship, or even just into the workforce in the first place, could be worth as much as $150 billion more to Canada's economy by 2026.

That's an extra six per cent worth of growth compared to what the consultancy says would happen if no new steps are taken.

"Increasing women's equality is not just a moral imperative [and] it's not just the right thing to do," McKinsey & Company's associate partner Tiffany Vogel told CBC News in an interview. "It's good business practice."


oppression of women is more important than  money i see.


Nice to see scientific validation of a long-held feminist position, that suppressing the talents of 50 percent of the population is bad for the economy.


yes it is Sineed. but in the face of this coming out of the USA.


Also in the US: in North Carolina, women can't revoke consent once sex starts.

Aaliyah Palmer was at a party when a man pulled her into a bathroom for sex.

She was willing.

But, she told Fayetteville police, when the sex turned violent, she told the man to stop. He didn’t listen.

She thought what happened to her was rape, but she found out that under North Carolina law a woman is not allowed to back out of sex once it is underway.

Misfit Misfit's picture

That is just sick. What a backward state!!!


Thing is, it isn't that long ago that explicit consent was not something that people thought about here either. This is definitely a big step backwards for that state, but it is only recently that we established here in Canada that you can't give consent if unconscious. It is still a big learning curve.


imv the point it turned violent is when charges for physical assault should've been laid. it was no longer sex.


Or really, when she says stop. Doesn't matter if it is violent or not.

Mr. Magoo

As an interesting irony, most tort law allows for one party in a LEGAL, WRITTEN CONTRACT, to back out.  Being tort law, there could be some penalties -- I'm certainly NOT suggesting there should be for stopping sex -- but if you agreed to paint someone's house, then decide you don't wish to paint their house, the law does not say that you still need to paint their house (at gunpoint if needs be).

So the idea that once you "sign the contract" you are obligated to discharge the terms of that contract don't even seem to exist elsewhere in law.

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Smith, actually with that recent Nova Scotia cab driver acquittal, I don't think that anything is really established yet. I should be but isn't yet.