Oscar Pistorius gets five years for killing girlfriend

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Oscar Pistorius gets five years for killing girlfriend

Wish it weren't true. Disgusting.

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Also disgusting that his lawyer played the "wouldn't do well in prison" card that is always used for cops and the rich... as if poor people do great there.

Hard to say why the judge came to this decision... how much was his status, and how much was the fact there were no witnesses.

I doubt she was convinced of anything by that bawling he did in court.

And sadly not by the history of domestic abuse, and the fact the victim said she was scared of him.



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It seems that the world has become an elitist two-tier justice system.

Money and/or hero status will let you away with murder. This is business as usual.


correction; story on radio said reduced to 10 months ...


8 months then house arrest apparently


Men basically getting away with killing their female partners isn't unique to SA, Pakistan, etc. Here in Canada "provocation" has been a successful defense. "She pissed me off so I killed her."

A woman in Canada who kills her abusive partner, even in self defense, unless she can afford a good lawyer will be in prison for 10 years. Had the woman killed Pistorius ...


MegB wrote:

A woman in Canada who kills her abusive partner, even in self defense, unless she can afford a good lawyer will be in prison for 10 years.

R. v. Lavelle was 24 years ago - it doesn't take an expensive lawyer to raise battered women syndrome and self defence.

I don't know how often the defence is raised, or how often it is successful, but that's a pretty definite statement you've made there. Besides the fact that a finding of self defencce and a conviction for murder are simply incompatible, I don't think your claim is borne out by the facts.


Not even abuse, but women who are driven to fight back:


The organization mentioned in the article:


Also surprising, it was reported on CBC that the Steenkamp family were "pleased" with the verdict. Perhaps they are thankful that he is getting any time at all.



Sadly, I think that is the case. Abuse of women, and domestic violence in general, is pervasive in post-apartheid South Africa; black, white or other "colours", rich, poor or in-between. One thing it does is limit the mobility of people there, especially women. I've heard this from Black, "Coloured" and White South Africans (the white ZAs I spoke to progressive, early-anti-apartheid types). Imagine having to drive everywhere in a place with such an ideal (warm-temperate) climate! Another legacy of violence. By the way, "Coloured" is a specific ethnic group, like the Métis in Manitoba. It doesn' mean just anyone with African and European ancestors.


My first husband (who was violent and controlling) was South African, and told me a great deal about life there during apartheid. South Asians were designated "coloured", a class (I hesitate to use the word 'ethnic' because coloured people were various in ethnicity and culture) not quite white but not quite black (Native African). Australia is somewhat similar in culture and in its view of women.


Thanks for this thread MegB.

Most of our mainsteam press just reported on the sentencing without comment.