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pan canadian young feminist gathering


Pride for Red D...

The more the merrier ! I'd have posted this n the activist forum but I wanted the relevant people to see it :
[Message en franзais ci-dessous]
Please, circulate widely to all your networks and feminists around you…
«Waves of Resistance»
On our way towards our
Pan-Canadian Young Feminist Gathering!
11th, 12th and 13th of October 2008 – Montreal
- 2nd information and mobilization email -
In this email you will find the following information:
1. The gathering’s objectives.
2. Who is the gathering for?
3. The organization process.
4. How to get involved with organizing the gathering.
5. What is the pan-Canadian “Consulta”?
1. The gathering’s objectives
This gathering will bring together young women and young feminists from all horizons, between the ages of 14 and 35. The general objective of the gathering is to energize and provide a solid foundation for the feminist movement, by mobilizing and creating strong networks within the young feminists’ movement throughout Canada!
« Waves of Resistance! » invites you to come and celebrate in diversity with other women in order to:
 Share our analysis of different issues that affect us as young women and young feminists
 Collectivise our feminist struggles
 Discuss our priorities for action as young feminists
 Discuss how to resist and fight against all right-wing influence (moral, political, economical, etc.)
 Create links of solidarity between young feminists throughout Canada
 Reinforce the young feminists’ movement in Canada
 But also to celebrate our struggles and solidarity! (Who said feminists don’t know how to party!!??)
We invite you to be part of the Waves of Resistance! with us!

2. Who is the gathering for?

This is a call to all young feminists, militants, students, workers, un(der)employed women, artists, researchers, mothers, feminists of all tendencies and of all types, and of course emerging feminists…
All young women between 14 and 35 years of age interested in some way or another to feminist issues, struggles, and the women’s movement, are invited to participate in the gathering!
Would you like to participate in the gathering?
Make sure you are subscribed to the « RebELLEs » email list used for mobilizing participants for the gathering, in order to receive all the latest information on the organization and registration for the event! To subscribe to the « RebELLEs » list, simply send an email to [email protected] stating that you wish to subscribe to the list.
We will be sending more detailed information about the program for the gathering around May or June.
Getting to Montreal for the gathering…The organizing committee will be preparing a “Fundraising Kit” in the next few months that proposes a few ideas and tools to support your efforts in seeking funds for your trip to Montreal for the gathering (bus, train, airplane, car, etc.). We will also have the possibility of financing a limited number of plane tickets… More information to come!!!

3. The organization process

An organizing committee was created in August 2007. It is composed of young feminists from seven Quebec and pan-Canadian groups (list available at the end of this email). It is important to us that this event be organized for and by young feminists!
In order for the gathering to be as representative as possible of the dreams, hopes and aspirations of young feminists from all provinces and territories in Canada, the Organizing committee invites you to participate in the organization of this event! Do you want to know how to get involved? Simply read on!

4. How to get involved in the organization
We strongly wish to have as many young feminists as possible participate actively in the elaboration of the content for the gathering, and to the mobilization in your provinces, territories and communities. We suggest different easy ways to get involved and to contribute to the organisation of “Waves of Resistance”. You can all contribute, no matter where you live! It is easy and simple:
1- PARTICIPATE BY MOBILIZING participants in your province/region/territory or community:
 Circulate this email in all your networks;
 Take note of the email addresses of young (and not so young) women interested in being informed about the gathering and send them to us at [email protected], so that they be added to the mobilization « RebELLEs » list.
 Distribute pamphlets for the gathering everywhere you go where there might be other young women or young feminists (see attached file);
 Present the “Waves of Resistance” gathering during activities that unite young girls and young women (and during any other activity of feminist nature); it will be our pleasure to send you material to do so… simply contact us at [email protected]
 Spread general information about the gathering in your organization’s newsletters, in local newspapers and radio shows in your community. It will be a pleasure to send you examples of articles that you can adapt according to your needs!... contact us at [email protected]
2- CONTRIBUTE TO THE ORGANIZATION of the gathering as well as the pan-Canadian consultation
*** WANTED***
Looking for young feminists to get involved!!!
We are looking for a few young feminist activists from each province and territory willing to contribute further to the organization of the event, or to become “provincial mobilizers”.
What exactly do the “provincial mobilizers” do?
They will ensure the link between their region and the organizing committee for the gathering. They will facilitate the consultations on the content for the gathering and will support mobilization in their region. We hope to have a few “provincial mobilizers” per province or territory. More information below…
Would you like to contribute to the organization of the gathering?
Do you want to be a “provincial mobilizers”?
You would like to get involved, but are not sure how?
We are looking forward to meeting you! Please communicate as soon as possible with the Organizing Committee at [email protected]

a) Organise a Provincial Mobilization Meeting with young feminists
The objective of this mobilization meeting is to gather as many young women and feminists as possible from your province or territory to prepare for the “Consulta” (information follows). It will allow you to reflect as a group on the issues that affect you as young feminists, to discuss your dreams and expectations for the gathering, and to identify the specific issues that you would like to discuss during the gathering.
b) Collectively identify two young women to represent your province/territory at the “Consulta” and:
After your provincial meeting, we ask that you identify as a group two young women that will represent your province or territory at a preparatory meeting, the “Consulta”, which will help in the planning of the gathering.
To help you organize this Provincial Mobilization Meeting we have a prepared a preparatory document with specific questions to ask participants who attend this meeting (regarding what issues affect them most as young feminists). This document will be sent to the “provincial mobilizers”. This same document will be used at the “Consulta” (see below).

5. What is the pan-Canadian “Consulta”?
The “Consulta” is a pan-Canadian preparatory meeting for the gathering in the form of a retreat that will bring together – for an unforgettable weekend of new encounters, discussions and fun – two representatives of each province and territory, as well as the Organizing Committee of “Waves of Resistance”. The objectives of the “Consulta” are to:
 Share and reflect on the oppressions felt by young women and on the struggles brought forward by young feminists
 Present the gathering in very detailed fashion
 Share our visions on the content and format of the gathering
 Create links between the diverse group of young women that are present
 Discuss the process and the role of the “provincial mobilizers”
The “Consulta” will take place in the Ottawa region, from May 2nd to 4th 2008. A preparatory document for the Provincial mobilization meetings and for the “Consulta” will be sent shortly to the “provincial mobilizers”.


Questions? Suggestions?
Contact the Organizing committee at the following address [email protected] or with Barbara Legault at the Quebec Women’s Federation: 514-876-0166 ext. 253. We will answer your emails as quickly as possible.
Please mention your province or territory when you contact us.
More information available soon at:
In feminist solidarity,
The Organizing committee for the “Waves of resistance” gathering

The Pan-Canadian Young Feminist Gathering “Waves of Resistance” is organized by a large organizing committee, composed of young feminists from the following groups:

- Youth Committee of the Quebec Women’s Federation
- Young feminists’ committee from YWCA of Montreal
- Young women from the YWCA of Quebec.
- Young women from the Conseil Central de Montrйal Mйtropolitain (CSN)
- Groupe F.E.M.M.E.S. sororitaires
- Power Camp National / Girls in action
- Young women from the Carrefour de participation, ressourcement et formation

For any information:
[email protected] - [url=][/url] - 514-876-0166 ext. 253.

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