Quebec women outraged over ADQ comments

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Quebec women outraged over ADQ comments


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Mario Dumont is refusing to sanction ADQ vice-president Jean-Franзois Plante for condemning pay equity and questioning the commemoration of the women killed at Montreal's Йcole Polytechnique in 1989.

Mr. Plante said such a commemoration encouraged discrimination against men, and he continued to defend his views as within the values of the Action Dйmocratique du Quebec.

... Mr. Dumont refused to expel his vice-president — who was dumped as an ADQ candidate during the recent election campaign for making sexist and homophobic comments — and said it will be up to party members to decide whether to re-elect Mr. Plante to the executive next September.

... Mr. Dumont accused the Liberals of trying to distract voters away from the “real problems” facing the province, and said Premier Jean Charest has yet to fully grasp the anger voters expressed against him in the March 26 election.


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The question is why, after being removed as a candidate from the election [i]two weeks in[/i], he was reinstated in the party. Was what amounted to a temporary removal considered sufficient "punishment" aka a slap on the wrist, by the party?


“When we had to decide on the future of his candidacy during the campaign we took a firm and final decision. But it would be exaggerating to take away his right to work inside the party,” Mr. Dumont said on Wednesday.

“Only those who commit huge frauds lose their right to participate in party politics. The sanction being demanded by the ministers is ridiculous.”


This is good. I think it's a good thing for people to know what their party members stand for. One thing that has always annoyed me about the ReformaTories is the way they drum out all the people who say in public what the rest of them are thinking and saying on the doorstep.