Race, Poverty, Migration and Fighting Violence Against Women: A Teach-In for Women: Toronto: March 10 2009

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Race, Poverty, Migration and Fighting Violence Against Women: A Teach-In for Women: Toronto: March 10 2009


Race, Poverty, Migration and Fighting Violence Against Women
A Teach-In for Women
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
7 pm
Sistering, 962 Bloor St.

The Shelter, Sanctuary, Status Campaign presents a Teach-In which brings together anti-racist feminist to share our struggles in fighting Violence Against Women. We recognize that all women have different experiences, but also recognize that marginalized and racialized women have been oppressed and exploited by colonization and displacement.

Through the process of colonialism and imperialism, indigenous women have been displaced on their own land, often forced to migrate to cities away from their communities . The violence faced by indigenous women are often met with indifference from the state or is the direct result of the policies of the state.

Colonialism and imperialism have also displaced many women from the South. Often, they are forced to migrate and face dangerous and exploitative conditions here. The immigration system puts women at risk of violence and we recognize that detention and deportation are in themselves a form of state violence.

Anti-Racist Feminists are fighting back against the violence on our communities. The evening will allow us to discuss how we can organize against Canada's role in contributing to violence against women.


Angela Robertson, Executive Director of Sistering - The history of anti-racist feminist organizing.

Doreen Silversmith, Six Nations and No More Silence - The resistance of Indigenous women.

Pura Velasco - The struggles of Live-In Caregivers.

Wendy Babcock, Sex Professionals of Canada - Sex workers and the victory at the Toronto Police Services Board.

Rashmee Singh - The experiences of marginalized and racialized women when they encounter the legal system.

Magaly San Martin - Shelter, Sanctuary, Status and the fight for the rights of migrant women

For more information contact nooneisillegal@riseup.net