Racism in the Feminist Movement Now And Historically

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Ahhh.  Two R.P.s and two 'fuck you's.'  What a coincidence.

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Scout wrote:

n Scout the difference in that is racism n sexism is crossing so if I never posted it most likely u would never know.


Go fuck yourself.

thats kinda hard.... Tongue out


Scout, time out for you to cool off.  You don't get to just pop in whenever you feel like it and demand that moderators kick people out, and then tell various people to fuck off.  I've received several complaints and I think they're valid.

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Have you received complaints about this shameless thread title, perchance? Please register mine. Because I think it may be the first of a looooong series of antifeminist smears if you go on passing on it.


I have no problem with the thread title, and I'm pretty sure the other mods don't either.  You can believe all you want that there's no racism in progressive movements like the feminist movement, labour movement, anti-poverty movement, whatever, but that doesn't make it true.  Just ask legions of women of colour who have been writing about it for ages.

Anyhow, I have my doubts that this thread will ever get back on topic, so I'm going to close it.  If anyone would like to start a new, on-topic thread about racism in the feminist movement, please feel free to do so.


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