Rape charges dropped against fake gynecologist

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Rape charges dropped against fake gynecologist



[url=http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2008/02/01/rape_... charges dropped against pharmacist who posed as gynecologist[/url]


BOSTON—Prosecutors say they cannot press rape charges against a pharmacist who allegedly posed as a gynecologist and examined two women because of a half-century old state law that says an assault can't be considered rape if consent is obtained through fraud or deceit.

more stories like thisPolice charged pharmacist Nicholas Creanza with rape after he allegedly lured the women into the back room of his Springfield pharmacy and gave them exams. Because the women consented to the exams, even though they were being deceived, by law it could not be considered rape, Hampden County prosecutors said in dropping the charges.

Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court urged lawmakers to close that loophole in the law in a 2007 case in which they found a man could not be prosecuted for rape for duping his brother's girlfriend into having sex.

The court said state law currently defines rape as sexual intercourse compelled by force and against the will of the victim. Fraud cannot be allowed to replace the force required under the law, the court found.

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What Fransesca said.

So by this logic, if I pose as a real estate agent/talent scout/ Hollywood producre, and defraud you out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, it's not really "stealing" since you gave your "consent" to give me your money. Good to know.

martin dufresne

No, this use of women's consent only works for sex abusers.

Accidental Altruist

Isn't this the kind of case that gets prosecuted in order to [b][i]change[/i][/b] a law??

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That's disgusting!!

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Originally posted by martin dufresne:
[b]No, this use of women's consent only works for sex abusers.[/b]

You're right. How silly of me. I forgot that stealing and defrauding money is a far worse crime than sexually assaulting women.

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martin dufresne

Yeah... [img]mad.gif" border="0[/img]
Actually, if one was to research and write about the amount of money stolen from women by males - where the woman's consent to a 'relationship' with him was held against her attempts to get justice -, we'd find that the line isn't that clearly drawn.
It's like it's normal for women to get screwed by men.
(Did I just write that? [img]eek.gif" border="0[/img] )