Rape, prevention and protection

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Rape, prevention and protection

I've been thinking about this for a while, and though I am by nature a pacifist, I'm sick to death of hearing story after story of women being raped. I've had enough.


And I think it's time people got together to do something about it.


And this is what I propose.




I want to be able to shoot an intruder in my home. I want to be able to pull a gun on an attacker in the street. I want to do whatever I can to stop a rapist in his tracks, and stop him dead if necessary.


416 rapes a day are prevented in America by women carrying firearms.


Im sick of the rule being: you wait for the police to come ten minutes too late.


You can be raped and dead by then.


I think it's time we gave women a fighting chance.


Some are immune to tazing and pepper spray. Nobody is immune to a bullet.


I don't it to be mandatory, I just want women to have the choice. If you want to protect yourself in this way you should be allowed. You should be able to protect your life with all the means available to you.


I have had enough of hearing these horror stories. I'm sick of leaving women with nothing to protect themselves with, I'm sick of it being OK to leave women open to attack.


We need to be able to defend ourselves! 


As I said, nobody is immune to a bullet, and it's time we started using deadly force.


At least a firearm gives us the fighting chance that we simply do not have.


Women need to be able to defend themselves, and refusing to allow them to do so merely encourages the idea that women need someone else to defend them. That we're open to attack in this way is merely the consequence of an ideology that refuses women the right to independence and even their own basic safety.


What if I don't want a man in the house? What if I want to live alone? What if I'm allergic to dogs and can't have one to guard me? What if I don't have ten, or even five minutes to wait for the cops to show up?


What if I want to live a life of independence? 


What I want is a gun. I want to know how to use it properly. I want the right to use it to defend myself.


We need to do anything we can to end rape, and this is a step in the right direction.


Thoughts? I know the dangers of firearms, but I also know that used correctly they are an asset rather than a liability, and while this isn't the right choice for everyone, it may well be the right choice for some. And attacking an armed woman is always a bad choice for a rapist.

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Yeah, I don't think so.

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